Obvious Really

Remember the snake print dress from the Evans blogger challenge? I’ve not worn it since. Why not? It’s too short. The first time I wore it I found that it rode up to a shorter length than I would like so it’s stayed in my wardrobe ever since. It would be fine with leggings or with some particularly skinny jeans but too short for me personally to wear as a dress, given that I don’t generally wear dresses shorter than knee-length.  Then this morning I had a brain wave. What if I dug out my £5 Next Clearance skirt from a couple of years ago and wore it with that? They both have a similar amount of flare so just maybe……..

Ya- hey! A much better length for me so today I wore it to church. The two hems are not quite parallel in this photo so I straightened them up a bit and took another photo..

Better. It worked a treat and kept me extra warm on a blustery day. Styled with my indispensable classic M&S cardi, Evans shoe boots and tights and the seemingly omnipresent gold ASOS belt that works with darn near everything it touches. Result.


Wishing you all a very…..

PS- and yes, I did make it myself 🙂


Scissors, Paper, Stone.

I have a new blogger crush and her name is Andrea. Actually no, it’s not the blogger I have a crush on its her blog, but I guess I can’t crush on the blog without loving the person behind it too. The site is Paper Sparrow and it’s simply sublime.

Andrea is an artist and serious crafter who makes me wish I could give up my day job and spend my time just making stuff. My favourite posts by her are the DIY projects as seen above where she creates her own stamp blocks and upcycles clothing and accessories by printing them with all manner of interesting and individual motifs, from animals to piano keys and beyond. Andrea also has an Etsy shop selling her wares which includes jewellery and postcard size prints. Check it out here.

Show Your Legs Some Love

Want to add some sparkle to your pins?

Image from stylebubble.co.uk

Image from stylebubble.co.uk

I’m not sure where Susie’s tights are from but I’m certain that I covet them. Hard. I sense a DIY coming on………

…… speaking of which, I’m loving this DIY by Shini of Park and Cube, for Twenty Thirty Forty.net. Click here for full DIY instructions and I’ll meet you at the fabric market in an hour………

PS- Can’t ignore those superfantastic Nicholas Kirkwood shoes Ms Bubble is wearing. I think they are actually really speaking to me.

Odd Breads

What can you buy for 25p these days? Not a great deal and I couldn’t tell ya the last thing I purchased for the princely sum of 25p with the exception of these “odd breads” that I saw at the till point in New Look yesterday. There were several bags of busted bracelets and broken whatevers for £1.50- £2.50 that didn’t tempt me but the dirto cheapo price tag on the breads did. I don’t think they all came from the same necklace but it matters not, I threaded most of them together on a piece of ribbon (it was too wide to thread the tiny pink ones onto) and hey presto- a brand new loaf.

Biting the Parrot

The Markus Lupfer collection of seqinned jumpers at Toppers had me swooning as soon as I clapped eyes on it. I like all the designs in the range but I have a special love for the parrot piece and could not rest until I created something similar.

£85, Topshop


I scoured Ebay looking for a similar motif….

$9.75, Carroll's Sequin Appliques on Ebay (click image to go straight there)


 …….bought a plain black tee from H&M and bish bash bosh-

Well no. There was no bish bash boshing at all as it took me me almost two and a half finger prickin’ hours to sew this bee-arch onto the tee, and I also added some turn ups while I was at it and stitched them down. Admittedly I was watching The Reaping on TV at the same time so was a little distracted by the swarming locusts and satanic villagers which is partially why it took so long. Having to stitch every leaf down would have taken me ages anyhow even without pausing every few minutes to look at Idris- hunk o love- Elba.

More Shoe DIY- Decoupage

I’m on a DIY shoe roll, this time courtesy of  Guardian.co.uk . This takes me right back to my school days when I used to use this method to cover pencilcases, ringbinders and diaries. As I’m a hoarder I still have the ringinders- not only for the sake of nostalgia- they are actually in use.

I think I’ve got a pair of plain black court shoes languishing on top of my wardrobe (if I didn’t give them to charity) so I may have to dig them out and wave my magic DIY wand over them.

Click image for details.

Image from Guardian.co.uk

Image from Guardian.co.uk

Damn You, Gravel Walkway!

My nephew got married last summer and the day was almost perfect. The weather was glorious and the entire wedding party looked radiant in their cream and gold themed outfits. The venues for both the ceremony and the reception were grand with beautiful and tasteful decorations and the whole day was just gorgeous.  The sun shone brightly all day and it was all going fabulously well then…..

Look at my shoes!!!

 Not just any shoes I hasten to add but my favouritest most comfortable dancing shoes. I love these shoes to death. I spotted them in Evans two years ago and was immediately drawn to the vintage/ Come Dancing look of them, I put these on and I feel like Ginger Rogers.

Damn and blast. Its that gravel walkway at the reception that did it. It looked lovely but it was a death sentence to gorgeous heels and I’m sure that mine weren’t the only ones to suffer such a fate.  This happened last summer and I have been reluctant to throw them out because I love them so. In the true spirit of credit crunch chic, and because I was so happy with the black ballet flats I dressed up I have tried to revamp them. First thing I did was have them re-heeled. This replaced the rubber base but the rest of the heel was still scuffed and looking shabby so I once again looked through my trusty trimmings box and pulled out a couple of things…

  • Superglue
  • Matching mesh type ribbon
  • Scalpel
  • Diamante Stones





A word of warning- I used superglue for this project and I wish I hadn’t. Superglue is great for mending broken china and doing other minor jobs where you only need a teeny tiny amount, but once you need more than the tiniest dab its horrid. I used it in a ventilated room as advised on the packaging but because I was using a lot of it, the fumes made my eyes water, my nose run and my throat hurt. I was so sure the fumes would fuse my airways together and cause me to suffocate in my sleep, that I didn’t go to bed straight away until I felt better and confident I would make it through the night. I’m serious. I’m a hypochondriac with an overactive imagination- not a great combination as it means I always feel that I’m about to kick the bucket in the most spectacular fashion. Oh, I also  I stuck my fingers to my shoes several times so all in all you may want to use something less lethal. Just saying, like.

Anyhoo. Back to the fun stuff….

First thing I did was cover one side of the heel in glue and quickly attach the ribbon to it, making sure the edge of the ribbon sat along the vertical centre of the heel. I then used the end of my scalpel (to reduce finger stickage) to smooth the ribbon along the heel and into position.





Once this was done I used the scalpel to trim off the excess ribbon around the heel and applied more glue as necessary. (Now you know why my eyes teared up)








I then did the same thing with the other side of the heel, lining up the edge of the ribbon with the centre of the heel and trimming off the excess.























Once both halves of the ribbon were attached and the edges were trimmed up, I added extra sparkle with the placement of diamante stones along the centre back of the heels and hey presto- new dancing shoes with added glitz.


 The glue hadn’t completely dried when I took this photo which is why it looks so patchy. Once it had dried and I cut off any extra threads it looked a lot neater. I also did a tiny bit more neatening by cutting the thicker edge from another piece of ribbon and running it along the upper and lower edges of the heel, just to tidy things up a bit.

Overall I’m fairly happy with the way they’ve turned out. They’re not perfect and I don’t expect them to last forever, I just want to get a few more boogies out of them before I retire them for good. I wouldn’t wear them during the day but under the cover of darkness I doubt anyone will be able to notice the untidiness, and on a crowded dancefloor is anyone really going to be looking at my heels with such scrutiny? Certainly not from this up close angle anyhow and if they are they can expect a DIY heel to the nose.

Having them reheeled- £7.95

Diamante Stones- Lying around in my trimmings box

Ribbon- around 50p

The joy of salvaging victory from the jaws of defeat- Priceless.