Item of the week 10/03/2016

Paint splash jeans spotted in Evans Marble Arch in London, but not yet available online….

£78- Melissa McCarthy at Evans

More Beth than you can handle

I’m in full Beth Ditto overdrive. I went back to Selfridges yesterday to eye up/ drool over the BD range. Again. On my return it was good to see that Selfridges had put a few pieces onto mannequins but I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t beg/ borrow/ steal a couple of plus sized dummies.



The range isn’t there in its entirety and annoyingly, they only have two of each of the pieces that they  do have in stock so of course there isn’t even a full size set in ANYTHING. No sizes 26 or 28 in any of the fitted items so I coudn’t even try them on. What this means is that if I want to buy a piece I will have to go online. Selfridges will say the collection didn’t sell instore and any future BD collections will be relegated to online only. Am I just being cynical?

On the plus side, (boom! a pun) I had a bit more time than last week so was really able to pore over the collection and you know what? Its really well made using great fabrics. The Lola dress and skirt are made from a very sturdy modal, nylon and elastane mix and they are lined as well. As it says on the Selfridges website- “…..provides shaping without the need for shapewear” and that’s the truth. Even the pockets are lined and thats something you don’t often get at standard high street level.

Have you copped the detailing on the Nina dress collar?




Have any of you lovely readers bought anything yet?


I’ve been changed/ Item of the Week

I officially retract what I said in my last post about not liking the bubble hem. I’ve tried it and I’m sold. And it has pockets.


£260, Selfridges

Beth Ditto- The return


So the fashion line of the year has launched and it really has got people talking.

“I love it!”

“Why are the prices so high?””

“That jumpsuit looks like a trash bag”

“Love the prints”

“HOW MUCH for leggings?”

Talk about a plus size collection being divisive. As for me- I mostly love it. I love that Beth has delved into design waters without the cushioning of a big company like Evans, I love that she is keeping production in NYC, and I love that print above that has been described by Jezebel as,

…looks like a control panel from a spaceship in some 1980s sci-fi movie concept artwork…

Beam me up Scottie.

As well as the control panel print I especially like this…


I’m a sucker for dresses with pockets and  I love the boldness of an all white dress. I’m not keen on the bubble hems or the translucent jumpsuit but I’m sure the are those that love them. The main complaint from people seems to be about the prices but Beth responds perfectly on her Facebook page,

….The clothes were sewn in NYC in very small quantities, using quality fabrics in custom digital prints. The jumpsuits are a massive amount of fabric, 7 yards of 100% silk. I’ve learned a lot through this process about how much it costs to make high quality, sweatshop free clothing, which I think plus size girls deserve like everyone else. We’ve kept the prices as low as possible, and hope you’ll stick with us as we start to be able to produce in larger numbers to keep costs even lower.

Quality fabric, local production and small quantities don’t come with a high street price tag. Throw custom digital prints into the mix and you will definitely have to dig a little deeper than normal but you know whats good? We have the option for high quality fabrics. When did you last see a silk anything at all bigger than a size 18? Rarely. Standard sizes have countless high end options but us? Nah. It’s generally polyester to infinity and beyond.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Beth is back on the fashion scene, doing things her own way and no doubt learning during the process. I’m already looking forward to her next collection and will be cheering her on from my own little studio, fabric shears aloft shouting, LET’S DO THIS.

Skirt of a thousand dreams

Ever since I saw Angelina Jolie’s wedding veil embellished with the embroidered pictures drawn by her children, I’ve had visions of getting my nieces and nephews to scribble away so I can create something similar. Then Dolce & Gabanna featured children’s drawing in their Viva La Mamma A/W 2015 collection and my internal fashionometer went through the roof.


Image from

When, a few weeks ago I found this fabric online, someone almost had to call the emergency services.


It is IDENTICAL to a D&G Print and I was hitting “add to basket” before I had even fully realised what I was doing. I mean- LOOK AT IT!!!


So in double quick time I made myself a skirt and it really is the skirt of a thousand dreams.


Yes the photo is total and utter rubbish but after 50 snaps the camera just wouldnt get it right so I gave up. I must admit to not actually wearing it out when this photo was taken, I just couldn’t wait any longer to show it to you all. I have absolutely NOWHERE to wear this voluminous number to so you can expect to see me sashaying along the cereal isle and strutting down the frozen veg lane in Asda. Do I care? Nope. Maybe you can take a better photo for me when you see me.

I had a little extra fabric and so I’ve made three girls’ skirts (6-12 month, 12- 18 months, 3-4 years) which are listed in my Etsy shop.

I have enough fabric for one more adult skirt so if you would like to make one for you- any size- head to the shop and convo me!

*****23/01/2016- I can now get more of this fabric so will be featuring more skirts in the shop- YAY!*****





Colour Storm

Oh Anna, you are a woman after my own heart. The Anna Scholz world is rampant with colour this season and fun accessories. It’s just a shame that today is the day the mild winter decided to get cold and nasty and right now the only colour that exists in my world is thermal. Spring- I see you on the horizon- hurry up and get into full view.

PS- I LOVE the blogger lookbook.


Item of the Week 24/11/15

Slew dem

This week’s edition of IOTW is this superb striped sequin dress as worn by fellow blogger Jeniese from The Je Ne Sais Quoi. I think she looks WAY better in this stunning piece than the model on the Eloquii site so here she is, serving it up and showing us all how it’s done.


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