Item of the Week 15/06/2018


ASOS Curve, £35

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December Wedding

How are you good readers doing? I know its been a while since I last posted but I am thankfully still alive. I hope you are having a lovely festive season and catching up on rest and recuperation as well as with family and friends.

I have definitely been doing ALL of that and one of the ways I’ve caught up with family was by attending my cousin’s wedding last week. It was a BEAUTIFUL event in gorgeous surroundings and it was wonderful to reunite with family members I haven’t seen for years.

What did I wear? Its winter and I was SO tempted to just bundle up in something with a high neck and long sleeves but I figured nah, I don’t buy winter coats for no reason so I opted for girly dress with an autumnal theme………


Ain’t it gorgeous? Now I’m not one for off the shoulder dresses as I have yet to find a sturdy enough strapless bra to keep the girls aloft, but I loved this frock so much I thought I would buy it anyhow. I adjusted it slightly by adding rouleau loops and beads to the back so that I could have the off the shoulder bits on the shoulder. I’m wearing the size 24.


This worked well though it did make the middle of the back collapse a bit so I needed to make a few minor adjustments.

Obligatory mirror selfie


I found this gorgeous 1950s vintage fascinator on Etsy at His n Her Vintage that I LOVED as soon as I saw it and it was a perfect match for the dress.


I bought a new lippie a few weeks previously and it was another precise pairing.


Lipstick- Bare Minerals, Hustler


The shoes I have had for about 4 years but never worn. I bought them (from Clarks) because I loved the colour but had zippo to wear them with so they stayed pristine in their box until this day. Jewellery- Earrings by Shining Seren


I had a great day and the only downside is that I returned home minus one earring. Handmade. Silver. I have had them for years. I could cry.


Last man standing.

Wedding Belle

As you can observe from my expression, twirling is serious business.


Ever put on an outfit so great that someone would have to work really hard to mess with your vibe because you feel so good? Well on Friday I wore such an outfit.

As my nephew was getting married I decided to treat myself to a whole new look and I called on you to help plan it. If you follow me on Insta (@fatgirlclothes) you may remember me posting this pic and asking you to vote for what I should wear…


I really liked all three and couldn’t decide. Option A won so the pretty floral dress it was. You chose well ladies! I was already liking the asymmetric ruffle feature across the front but when it arrived I loved it even more because of the attention to detail on the back…

plus size dress Asos

Asos didn’t scrimp on the frills as they continue on the back. Don’t you just hate it when a great design feature is only on the front when it could easily have been extended to the rear? The open back feature was a pleasant surprise and there are even frills at the end of the ties if you look closely. Asos Curve I love you.

My original shoes were these from New Look

New Look wide fit shoes

New look wide fit shoes

But they were a bit too narrow, even in the wide fit. Instead I opted for the silver sandals from from Simply Be which fit perfectly as they are available in an E and EEE fitting (I got the EEE fit). In any case, the weather was such a scorcher on Friday that the Sandals were definitely the better option than the closed toe shoes. The in sole padding and slight texture ensured that my feet didn’t slide around as the temperature rose.

The clutch was from Asos too, is leather and a great quality item for a bargainicious £10. It has a zip closure to keep all your goodies from falling out when you’re pirouetting across open spaces with gay abandon.


Earrings from Topshop. Lots of asymmetry in this whole look


Twirl break


Asos curve dress

Here’s a static photo for you in case all this spinning is making you dizzy

Asos Curve

Asos curve dress

I’ve just checked the Asos site and this dress is very low in stock with only a few left. I give it a big fat seal of approval and am looking forward to wearing it again. Apart from my twirl dress being great, the wedding itself was superb. The bride and groom looked gorgeous, the service was lovely, the reception venue was beautiful, most of my family were there and it was hot. Not warm which is often the best you can hope for in a British summer- HOT. If I have my shades on you know its more than just a little sunny. It was as close to perfect as any day could be and when I finally went to bed around 2am it was with a big smile on my face. As Ice Cube said- today was a good day.

Dress: Asos Curve

Shoes: Simply Be

Bag: Asos

Earrings: Topshop (not available online)




Item of the Week 11/05/15

£55, Asos Curve

£55, Asos Curve. Tell me you don’t love it.

Item of the week 24/05/14

white jacket

Items of the Week 03/03/2014

ASOS CHECK SUITTop- £32, Asos Curve

Skirt: £38, Asos Curve

O is for….

Just what I need to ease me out of the winter humdrums and into springtime mode.


Left: Bicycle Print Blouse £35 Asos

Right: Effie Ruffle Shirt $89 La Dan’s Closet

Fabric Reunion

Last night I attended the Music Video and Screen awards in Birmingham and FINALLY got to wear a dress I’ve had for a couple of months but have been saving for this occasion.

Crushed velvet is one of those fabrics that I never thought would hurry back onto the fashion radar , but high fashion it certainly is. I’ve not worn it myself since 1992 in the form of a fitted tee I made myself which was teamed with a jacket I made in textiles class at school…..

As part of my reintroduction to a fabric I used to wear a lot, the ASOS gift fairies sent me this dress (size 26) along with the coat I blogged about a while back and I promised myself I wouldn’t tarnish it before this event.

I love it. Its super comfortable, fits well and requires no ironing! I’ve kept it folded up in a drawer for the past few weeks and just took it out and slipped it on- my kinda frock! I have no real complaints about it. I thought that being a fitted velvet dress it might continually ride up but it didn’t, it held its position all night even during the after party boogie. The only thing that did ever so slightly irritate me was that the lining on the inside of the side drapey bit was sometimes slightly visible at the top edge so I found myself tucking that back in a few times, but apart from that minor I am very happy with it and is something I would buy myself. In fact, I’m contemplating buying the red version for Christmas day.

As for the event, I had a FANTASTIC night and saw loads of slebs so was doing my best not to gawp but get a good look at the same time. Alison Hammond was there and I REALLY wanted to get a photo with her but I didn’t see her at the end but Alison, if by any remote chance you are reading this- HELLO! I did see Rudolph Walker though (Patrick from Eastenders) and we hammed it up a bit for the camera.

Correction- I hammed it up for the camera. Rudolph being the cool calm and collected man he is, looked well- cool, calm and collected and I just look like a crazed fan. Lawd.