Item of the Week 21/08/2015

I have a big birthday coming up so if you’re feeling generous……

Tatty Devine, £225

Tatty Devine, £225

Triangulation for the Nation

Would it be a really daft statement to say that my favourite shape is the triangle? To the point where at school, I was sometimes as Diane the trian(gle). I’m not sure if that name came about because Diane almost kinda rhymes with trian(gle), or because of my fondness for the shape. Its a kind of chicken and egg situation. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I believe I had a penchant for purple triangles in particular which a) makes me seem even dafter and b) negates the notion that anything you like as a child is a phase that you eventually grow out. I always like to defy conventional thought.

Browsing Etsy I came across these enameled brooches by Sketch Inc that sent my multicoloured triangular heart racing.


Pleasing to see an abundance of purple triangles to satisfy the 14 year old in me that refuses to grow up.

Images from Sketch Inc on Etsy

Rachel Stewart Jewelry- Giveaway!

rachel stewartWhen it comes to jewellery, I just don’t do pretty and delicate. Bold graphic shapes, contrasting colours and mad patterns are all things I look for when buying jewels, and Rachel Stewart Jewelry has never failed me yet. Her Duafe wooden afro pick earrings are forever in my ears, and I can see me owning the Nefertiti and the Clay’s Ark ones (top row) before the year is out.

Rachel Stewart is offering one reader the chance to win a pair of pink mini pick earrings (bottom row) in this next contest. And whats the go to colour for this autumn winter? PINK!

If you want to be in with a chance to win a pair- leave a comment. Contest will run til Tuesday 24 September, 11pm GMT.

Good Luck!

PS- No location restrictions- everyone can enter!