Truly Scrumptious

Recently I received an email from a corset company in Huddersfield, UK inviting me to have a look at their website and was only too keen to do so. Some hear the word corset and automatically think of restrictive women’s undergarments from the Victorian era, some think- 1950’s pin up sexiness. I fall into the latter category. I simply cannot  resist the allure of  retro chic and vintage glam and if I could shop anywhere at all my top drawer would be overflowing with all manner of faux vintage smalls.

So I clicked on the link they sent. True Corset by name, True Corset by nature as their site is full of corsets of varying styles, fabrics and colourways, designed by the brilliantly monikered Paulina de la Passionfruit. The only item I could see clearly listed up to a size 30 were their boleros and the largest standard size listed for corsets was a 36″ waist although they can produce other sizes on request. One of my favourite items from the site is this…..


…as the delicate floral pattern conjures up images in my head of  historical romance heroines which I guess suggests that I might want to get my head out of the clouds and stop daydreaming.

I also really like this….


The corsetry on the site is both playful and sexy and they also carry accessories such as the mini top hat in the pic below which I absolutely love although it isn’t something you could wear everyday- but then again why not? it would certainly turn mundane activities into more glamorous affairs.


Mod Cloth Swimsuit Review

Last week I received a gift from the lovely people at Modcloth in the way of a swimsuit from the range they currently have on their website. I’ve visited the Modcloth website before and have pored over their accessory collections but I must admit, I’ve never spent much time looking at the clothing because they don’t do plus sizes. Well times are a changin’.

There are very few items of clothing up to a 3x, but what they do have is a selection of plus size swimsuits by Esther Williams that are available in sizes 16- 26.

Bathing Beauty suit in Emmy- $89.99

The suits are available in six colours including this one below that I especially like-

Beach Blanket Bingo Suit- $89.99

I’ve only ever bought one swimsuit in my adult life and its black, underwired and it came in a specific bra size. I was a little apprehensive about this one working for me because I have huge boobs, its not underwired and I really need the support, but I tried it out anyhow. I took a leap away from a plain black suit, opted for the gold and was relieved to see that it’s constructed with a fuller figure in mind and comes with some added extras.

Its lined throughout the back and bust section with nude colour lycra and has supportive power mesh across the lower part of the front and offers good all round support without being restrictive. My concerns about inadequate bust supported were allayed when I saw the shelf bra and soft bra cups. So far so good.

There is also a small bit of boning in the side seam at bust level for even more support.

First impression? I love it. I loved it as soon as I opened the packaging and saw it without even trying it on. I of course put it on immediately and liked it so much I wore it around the house for a few hours until the doorbell rang and I had to get changed. I even sat and wrote a blog post in it.

OK it looks great but how does it perform? I know its a fashion swimsuit not a suit for anyone on the swim team but it still has to do the job, non? Well, what better way is there of reviewing a swimsuit that to- uh- go swimming? That wasn’t a problem but I’ve not actually “swam” since I was twelve. Splashing around on a lilo at Butlins doesn’t count and wading around in the Caribbean sea definitely doesn’t count. Can I even still swim?  I’d love to be a water baby but you know- it messes with the hair *shrugs*

So off I went to the local pool with a newly purchased swimming cap in hand (you don’t need a swimming cap for messing around in the sea) and a new incentive for swimming.  Now the last time I visited this particular pool I was at primary school earning my 50m badge and I was interested to see if I could beat my previous swimming record some twenty years later and of course really put the swimsuit through its paces to see how it fares.

Headless fattie shot as I lost my balls again. And no my suit doesn't have as many wrinkles in it as when the model above wears it but I lub it anyhow

Firstly, it didn’t start to sag as soon as I hit the water. Good so far. So I did some actual swimming. Two lengths later I checked to see if I was doing any unintentional flashing and I was happy to see that I was still properly covered. I stayed in the pool for around 40 mins and the suit performed well, keeping its form and my modesty intact.

It was  comfortable to wear and even though there are metallic threads throughout,  it wasn’t itchy. I won’t hesitate to say that I love this suit to bits and felt quite the starlet while wearing it. I adore the sexy retro styling and I have surprised myself to discover that I actually can wear a halterneck suit and it will hold me up. The only slight downside for me was that the bra cups were not big enough for my bust ( no surprise there) so you could see the outline of the cups around my boobies as they were hardly covered. However, that wouldn’t put me off wearing it again or buying it in another colour as I like it far too much. Highly reccommended.

To see other suits available at Modcloth click here.

Swimwear by Ro

A few weeks ago whilst browsing Fatshionista I came across a thread posted by a swimsuit and lingerie designer, inviting readers to visit her Etsy shop. Of course, I headed right on over there to have a look see and smiled at what greeted me.

Swimwear for plus sized women actually modelled by plus sized women.

By Ro! Designs is the brainchild of Rosaria Vitale who started the company in 1989 out of frustration of not being able to find a stylish and flattering swimsuit in her size. Out of necessity, Rosaria designed and created her own swimsuit and from this one suit her business was born. By Ro! Designs is a one woman venture and all designs, patterns and manufacturing is done by the woman herself. With considerations for a curvy figure, she uses features such as power netting, princess seams and contouring to make the swimsuits flattering as well as beautiful.

Made to order purchases are available-  hit the “contact Ro” button on the website or start a convo through Etsy.

Ro will be adding more swimsuits throughout the summer and fall and offers free shipping to the US and Canada throughout the summer and $7.00 shipping to international destinations.

You can visit the Etsy shop here……… or the website here.

New Cacique/ Lane Bryant Bra

I am in a rut. I’m in a hair rut (more about that later) and I’m in a definite underwear rut. Now its not usual practice for me to tell the world about my smalls but when I see things like this it makes me re-assess the contents of my top drawer and realise that I’m falling short. Way short. The boring cotton basics dominate and the pretty stuff is fighting for survival. Well not any more. I am definitely getting me one of these beauties….

It launched last week and is the new Push Up Demi Bra from Cacique at Lane Bryant. Its feminine but is designed to be supportive enough and comfy enough for everyday use, and I’m pleased to see that the back of it is both wide AND pretty. Full marks! Another thing I like are the versatile straps and the wide range of sizes available from 36-48 C- H- YAY! It comes in six colours so the hard part will be trying to decide which colour to get.

Your Seduction Uniform

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. Enough said.

 Steel boned corset $149, Sizes 32″-44″ waist. Click image for details.



Long gown $59.95- Sizes 1x- 4x.

Camisole set $44.95- Sizes 1x- 4x. 

Left to right: Polkadot halterneck and flirty skirt set $59, sizes 1x – 12x

Black and white bra £18 Evans, sizes 44B- 46F, Panties £4, size 18/20- 30/32

Sheer black halter neck gown with matching thong $69-, sizes 1x- 12x

Hot pink bra £20 Evans, size 38D- 46F, Panties £8, sizes 18/20- 30/32

Many of the sizes for the bras from Evans are sold out on the website but if you live near a store it would be worth checking there. Also, they are offering a further 20% off selected lingerie items purchased online- YAY!