Fashion Mash Up


For a truly horrible moment I thought this “drouser” was the entire thing from top to bottom, the mutant offspring of a dress and trouser, very distant cousin of the jumpsuit but next of kin to the short sleeved jumper with the shirt stitched to the inside because we are too daft to layer clothing without supervision. Thankfully, its not. My head was aching trying to figure out how you would even get into it. I thought it must have buttons at the shoulder like a massive babygro- LAWD NO.


Phew, thank goodness for that. It’s still a hybrid too far but its not as much of a wreckage as I initially thought. Why they couldn’t just call it a tunic is anyone’s guess. If you want to support this linguistic abhorrancy you can get yours from Junarose at Simply Be. Its a lovely item but I have standards.

Even more fashion nonsense

Okay thats it, I’ve had enough. I’m going to have to start a whole new blog category because this is getting out of hand. Someone has to start regulating this constant folly so it may as well be me. If you come across any more fashion hybrids to add to the file I’m compiling, let me know. Not sure about who to report the offenders to though…

From O magazine, October 2012

More Fashion Nonsense

Courtesy of the Sunday Mirror’s “Celebs” mag.

I love you fashion but…..