Even more fashion nonsense

Okay thats it, I’ve had enough. I’m going to have to start a whole new blog category because this is getting out of hand. Someone has to start regulating this constant folly so it may as well be me. If you come across any more fashion hybrids to add to the file I’m compiling, let me know. Not sure about who to report the offenders to though…

From O magazine, October 2012


8 Comments on “Even more fashion nonsense”

  1. Nic says:

    Pajant? Seriously?! If you want to put together some fierce fashion-police uniforms I’m sure you would have plenty of takers for joining the force to make a citizens arrest of whoever makes this up this nonsense…

  2. Cara Sergio says:

    Pajants? Seriously? Wearing a pajama or pajama-themed garment in public is just bad. As for the shoo tie (we say “snootier” here in the states) that’s not the worst thing I’ve seen

  3. Cara Sergio says:

    The skort. You know this garment, shorts in the front, skirt in the back. It must die

  4. bonkasaurus says:

    i feel like a shoe is any type of contraption you put on your feet to protect you from the what is on the ground. so wouldnt a bootie already be a shoe?

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