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£200, ABS, Saks Fifth Avenue


My First Time


Are you getting married? Is that your baptismal dress? Both comments I’ve heard today. No, and no.

I’ve never worn a white dress. Apart from white vests and tees, I don’t even have any white clothes*. White is just not a colour that I wear and technically speaking its not even a colour at all, really. It’s a well known fact that I love brights so when people see me in white I understand the propensity to think there must be a logical reason behind it. I bought this in  Monsoon last summer but have never worn it. It was the embroidered spots that caught my eye, the Little House On The Prairie styling that reeled me in, and the sale price that sealed the deal. The look with the natural tan accessories and soft hairstyle is somewhat puritanical, and I feel like I should be skipping barefoot through a meadow, but in a strange way I feel kind of… liberated from colour. Is this a normal reaction to wearing all white? There was a guy at my church who only ever wore white clothing. I used to think he was a little odd. I know his motivation was more spiritual than sartorial, but I’m beginning to see the appeal. Am I losing my mind? Someone please help before I lose it completely and start bleaching all my clothes.

If you want to try out the washing-powder-white look I’ve done some searching for the best white dresses I could find. Just prepare yourself for the questions.

All White

*Oh, I forgot about this blouse.

1.ASOS dress, £45,

2. Jibri, £107

3. Simply Be, £27.50,

4. Dorothy Perkins £33.75

5. Monif C, $158

6. Ashley Stewart $49.50

Deja- vu x2!

Less than 24 hours ago I told you about the blue and black dress that I thrifted and it brought back memories of an identical dress I had. Today I go out and find the exact same dress in green! What are the chances of that happening?!

Green deja

Talk about grinning from ear to ear! It made my day!

Size 14/ 16 green dress available here.

Going loopy for Lupita

What do you get when you merge the newest style slayer of the year, with the creativity and imagination of a four year old?

Lupita Inspiration

But Lupita Nyongo isn’t the only star to inspire this four year old girl.

White Dress Flower dress

The dresses are made from paper and are the result of a mother/ daughter collaboration, although there are some that the daughter has made on her own. Not all the creations are celeb influenced. My favourite one is this number, inspired by an aquarium visit.

sharkStep away from the iPad, DS, the Vita and all the other technological distractions. Paper and scissors are making a comeback.

For full story see The Huffington Post.

Festive Spirit

I’m not usually into Christmas and don’t decorate the house at all or go crazy sending cards and gifts to everyone I can think of. I’m pretty much anti hype so would much rather remember someone’s birthday than buy them a Christmas gift just because that’s what I’m expected to do. Still, even an old scrooge like me couldn’t resist when my young cousins threw down the gauntlet and said I should dress as Mrs Claus on Christmas day for the annual family dinner.


The dress is one I bought from Asos two years ago but for some reason, have only worn once. I stitched on some white fur trim I bought from a local market, donned my new sparkly heels from Evans and Mrs Claus I was.


Taken halfway through the dinner hence the biscuit crumbs on the floor.

I had a grand time and even got into full festive spirit by singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” to people down the phone. It was fun acting out of character for one day but I’m sure next year I’ll be back to my usual miserable self.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays, readers!

Autumn Uniform

I think my black opaques, heeled chelsea boots and biker jacket are going to pretty much be my uniform for this autumn winter season. Here they are again with one of my latest vintage purchases. I love finding vintage C&A. This dress is by “Sixth Sense”, I remember them well.


BrownDress- Braderie Vintage (not much on the site at the moment but may be worth checking back. I bought this dress from a store.

Jacket- New Look

Boots- Evans

Belt- Asos

Bag- Dune



What should Gabby have worn for the Harpers Shoot?

***UPDATE ON OCT 15***

CONTEST EXTENDED! Contest will now run for an extra week. New closing date- Weds Oct 23 12am.

You’ve all seen the Harper’s Bazaar shoot featuring Gabourey Sidibe wearing a less than inspired outfit, and one thing is clear. Superstar stylists obviously need your help because they don’t have a clue how to dress a larger than size 6 body. If only they’d have asked us we would have put them straight and made Gabby look knockout, like all the other women in that shoot. Still, I’m all for preemptive action so we’re gonna do their job for them so that next time they want to do a high fashion spread with Gabs they have something spectacular to dress her in.


Here comes a pretty big contest.

What should Gabby have worn for that Harper’s shoot?


Draw it! I’m appealing to the creative streak that you all have and by launching a design contest. More work I know, but I’m going to make it worth the effort. This contest is sponsored by Hope and Harvest who are offering a $200AUD voucher…

Hope and Harvest

..and Igigi who are offering a $100 voucher, both to the winning entry.


As its birthday month and I’m feeling generous, I may even throw in a third prize. Also, I would love for as many of you to get involved as possible.

If you don’t think you can draw – fear not- I’m providing a template


I hope Gabby doesn’t mind me depicting her in a swimsuit!

All you have to do is print it off, trace it and draw your outfit on, scan it and email it to me. OK- so its a bit more work than just commenting at the bottom of a post, but it will be worth it! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Whatever you design I just KNOW it will blow that Harper’s outfit right out of the water because you’re much more clued up than that.

As there’s a fair bit of work to do I will leave the contest open for three weeks until October 15th, 12am GMT. After that date I will post all the entries and we’ll all vote for the winner. How does that sound? I’m excited already! Ladies and gents- get drawing!

Contest is open worldwide.

Email your entries to: fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com


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