Floral Showcase

Yours truly modelling the FEARNE floral suit from Beloved Endeavour. I’m wearing the size 24. I usually wear a size 24/26 and this fits me fine as it’s stretchy. The fabric is medium weight, soft and very comfy to wear. I’m modelling both colours (black and mint) then the last two photos show the black jacket with the mint skirt. Availability is very limited so get yours now!








New Arrivals!

Floral prints abound!

Two skirt suits with a dash of sassiness now available at belovedendeavour.com.


Vital Statistics

New shop item!

I’m on a sewing roll! This week’s addition to the shop comes in the form of this bold cotton top with a measuring tape print. The bodice is fitted and has an open ended zip at the back so that the back opens up completely. Unlike the world print top, the zipper is hidden. This beauty is a size 22 but I I have more fabric so if you would like one custom made, please ask! Detailed measurements are:

Bust: 49.5″/ 126cm
Waist: 45.5″/ 115cm
Shoulder to hem length: 28.5″/73cm
Sleeve length: 8.5″/ 22cm
Cuff: 9.5″/ 24cm

There’s a certain irony is a larger woman wearing clothing that’s covered in measurements as many of us keep our vital statistics a closely guarded secret. This top laughs in the face of such contrived modesty and is not for the faint of heart!

Measuretape1 Measuretape2

Peplum Prototype 2

So. I tried again. Different fabric this time as I had no black fabric to hand, but you know what- I love it! I bought this fabric for something else but I think it works for this also.

What are your thoughts on the shorter length, the shape (I cut it into a fuller shape to create more ruffles), and  the pattern?

From the front…


…and with the belt the other way around….

….. and here is a close up of the buckle.

I might try and close up the gap a little but there still needs to be some gap there to allow for size adjustments.

Oh- and thanks again for the feedback!

Peplum Practice- I need your help!

Brother: What is that, an apron?

Me: It’s a peplum belt

Brother: A what plum?

Me: *sigh* just take the photo and stop talking.

After a long hiatus I’m back making belts (among other things, but more on that later!) and this is my latest prototype- the peplum belt. I wore it to church this past weekend and got a few positive comments. It’s made from firm leather and satin and is adjustable. What are your thoughts? Would you wear it? Is it too long? More ruffles? What other colours and fabrics would you like to see? Comments please!

The rest of the outfit-

Dress- ASOS

Overblouse- Last years Evans

Shoes- Evans via Ebay

Bag- Vintage