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Two skirt suits with a dash of sassiness now available at


Item of the Week 18/01/2017

I’ve never worn a puffa jacket before but if I was going to start now I’d begin with this one. A clean stylish update of a classic. Winter fashion perfected.


Item of the Week 08/09/2016

I just cannot explain the joy this coat gives me. I have no words.


£169.99, Manon Baptiste at Navabi

Beloved Bebe

I get a real thrill to see people in my clothes whether they are vintage items or new. I see these pieces on a lifeless hanger on a clothes rail but they really do come to life once you lovely readers and customers inject your own sense of style into each garment. Here is fellow blogger Becky from Mrs Bebe Blog looking sharp casual in her Beloved Endeavour vintage blazer, comfy jeans and a great pair of boots from Clarks. If you have any photos of yourself in a Beloved Endeavour item please tag it [at]fatgirlclothes on Twitter and Instagram or email it to me! fatgirlclothes[at]


Item of the Week 29/08/15

Lavish Alice at Simply Be £65

Lavish Alice at Simply Be £65


Item of the week 24/05/14

white jacket

Item of the week 18/02/14

Peplum Biker

A peplum biker jacket in a delicious colour. Masterstroke. £60, Simply Be

Vintage item of the week 17/12/13

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Tartan Finish

Item of the week 28/12/2011

Suede and Leather Smoking Jacket, 349 Euros, Call Me Ponie

Rick Rolling

I know you must think I’m completely up Evans’ ass but I’m not. It’s just that there is no other UK retailer that compares. Until a veritable competitor emerges I’ll keep harping on about them and filling my wardrobe with their clothes because no other plus size high street brand gets me as amped. Sad but true. My latest Evans crush had me so captivated the instant I saw it, I had to silently close my eyes for a moment. I opened them and it was still there, in all its Rick Owens lookalike glory-

Yes it’s suede, yes it’s harder to clean than leather, yes it’s fairly light in colour and will show up dirt, yes it will cling to every single raindrop it encounters- yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I KNOW. But look me in the eye and tell me it’s not a bad mother- (shut your mouth!)

Jacket- £125, Evans

Rick Owens images from

PS- While we’re on the subject of Big E, they have a 20% off everything promotion that starts immediately online and is operational in stores on Thursday and Friday. Offer ends at midnight on Friday. YAY!