I’m Coming Out….

….. and I want the world to know.

When I wrote my last blog entry way back in December 2019, no one would ever have thought that within a few short months the whole world would be in lockdown, a new virus would kill over 474,000 people before the end of June, anti racism protests would sweep the globe, Kobe Bryant would die in an accident, President Trump would escape impeachment, bush fires would sweep through Australia and Brexit would be done. Yet, here we are. How are you coping? I am trying to stay positive, avoid TV news until I am mentally ready each day, and sewing my quarantined little heart out. I am also, like many people, reassessing my life. I am going to do more of what makes me happy, stop overthinking, live my life and stop beating myself up about things I can’t change. I am so thankful to be alive as there are many fit and healthy people who on January 1st as the ball dropped, fireworks lit up the skies and Auld Lang Syne ripped through the BBC studios courtesy of Jools Holland, thought they would make it to summer and didn’t. If I stop to think about it all it will overwhelm me so I am just going to “do”. This is day one of my resurgence.

plantain1plantain 3plantain2

Head wrap, face mask, skirt- Paree People

Tee- Fidem & Co

Shoes- Primark (last summer)

Belt- Ancient Evans

Specs- Cutler & Gross

Striped Again

*Blowing the dust off the blog*

I’ve missed you guys. How have you been?

I’m back after an invigorating mini shopping spree in Marks & Spencer. I was shattered after work last week but was suddenly revitalised after seeing that the Marks and Spencer sale had started. M&S like many retailers is struggling on the high street and in addition to that they get a fair amount of stick about their ranges not being that great. I disagree. I actually like old Sparkys especially the Autograph range. Many of my summer tshirts over the past few years have come from there too. The only range I really don’t have much love for is Per Una though I can see the appeal for other people. Marks and Spencer will always have a special place in my heart. So will stripes. Stripes might have a slightly loftier position within my soul as I have rarely met a stripe I didn’t like. Breton stripes, candy stripes, chevron stripes- they all turn my head, even more so than polkadots but not as much as jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are my first fashion love but don’t even get me started again.



Please ignore the mess, this is my sewing room!


Dress and Cardi: Marks & Spencer

Necklace: Cos (old)

Bag: H by Henry Holland at Debenhams (old)

Shoes: Primark (old)



Floral Dance

Outfit from 11th June. It wasn’t quite warm enough for sleeveless but did that stop me? NOPE.

Dress from belovedendeavour.com

plus size fashion, dress, fatshion, floral, psootd, Beloved Endeavour psblogger

Plus size dress

plus size, fashion, fatshionista, floral, dress, Beloved Endeavour, fatshion, psblogger

fashion, fatshion, Beloved Endeavour, floral, dress, fatshionista

plus size dress


plus size fashion

plus size fashion

Dress: Beloved Endeavour

Shoes: Simply Be (sold out)

Bag: Topshop (sold out)

Item of the Week 16/05/2016


Simply Be, £25

Play in the Sunshine

Yellow Skirt


Close up of the skirt as the print hasn’t shown up clearly in the first photo

All I want to do in the summer is wear yellow and douse myself in L’Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette. I just don’t want summer to end.

Necklace: COS

Vest- Evans

Skirt: Beloved Endeavour (this print is unavailable but there are other prints on sale. Made to order)

Sandals: Clarks

Bag: Thrifted

Jubilant in Jibri

The more it snows, the brighter my wardrobe gets. I started a very cold February being really into pastels, but now we are in late March and it’s actually friggin’ snowing, I’ve upped the colour quotient and if it ain’t bright, I ain’t interested.

In steps Jibri, right on time.

JIBRI Plus Size High Waist Pencil Skirt (Tropicana)

If I was wearing this outfit I’d be shouting at the top of my lungs as well.  Jibri is a designer label after my own heart. Bright, tropical, and oodles of fun, this two piece festival of botanic madness is making me want to book a holiday right this minute. It’s  part of a collection of blazing separates in a range of colours, including black if you’re finding it hard to step out of winter just yet, and is available in US sizes 12- 24. I’ve never bought a Jibri piece myself, but every season I look forward to seeing what the label offers because they truly have their finger of the pulse of what their customers want to wear. No muted neutrals in sight, and no frowns allowed. July- we’re ready for you.

What do you think of the new Jibri range?

JIBRI Plus Size Peplum Top- Square Neckline

JIBRI Plus Size Peplum Top- Square Neckline

JIBRI Plus Size High Waist Pencil Pants (Ankle)

Changeable is an Understatement

Monday- tshirt, Tuesday- raincoat, Wednesday- flip flops, Thursday- scarf- ARRRRGH!! I’m so sick of it!!! I know its not officially summer yet but I still expect more. The other day I went out at lunchtime and experienced three different weather conditions- THREE in ONE HOUR! I’ve given up trying to figure what the weather is going to do next and no longer watch the reports on TV. I just make sure I always wear layers, sensible shoes and don’t go anywhere without an umbrella and lightweight scarf in my bag, that way I’m ready for anything.

The title below might be a bit premature as its only May but judging by recent weather and the state of the past couple of summers it might be right on point. I hope I’m proved wrong.

1. Swimsuit £25Evans (available in standard and fuller cup sizes) , 2. Smocked sun top £16 New Look, 3. Umbrella £15 John Lewis, 4. Striped bag £15 Monsoon , 5. Denim shorts £25 Evans 6. Long cardi £25 Dorothy Perkins, 7. Floral skirt £15 Dorothy Perkins, 8. Sun hat $12.90 9. Mac £45 Next

Looking Forward to Spring/ Summer

Christmas isn’t here yet but I’m kinda over it already. I think this year has had so many ups and down for me personally and globally, that I really just want to see the back of it and usher in what I hope will be a better 2009. Part of my looking forward process involves looking at a new spring/ summer wardrobe even though we’re all still in our winter gear. Anyone living in Britain will probably still be in their winter gear come July, going by what the past two summers have been like. At the end of this past summer I relegated summer in Britain to the archives because I really think its a thing of he past- much like dodos and free school milk. Still- I have a smidgen of hope that this summer I will be able to wear something that looks like one of these gorgeous dresses without having to layer it under a chunky knit.

Standout Collection of the Week

My up and down favourite of London Fashion Week has to be the Basso and Brooke collection without a doubt. I saw the collection online and gasped- no- I really did. It is FANTASTIC. I  am a sucker for bright colours and a fool for bright colours against a black background so I was all over this. I looked at the photos and cooed, ooohed and ahhed from beginning to end. B&B prints are so fabulously intricate and spectacular that they don’t even really need to design clothes to utilise them. They could print up a collection of sack dresses and I for one would be very happy to see them come down the runway- I’m quite certain I would still ooo and ahhhh. I can’t wait for this collection to hit the shops so I can just go and touch one of these fabulous pieces.

All images from nymag.com.