Spring Sequins

As the song says,

“It may be winter outside, but in my heart it’s spring….”

So say Love Unlimited and so say I. Outside is frosty but the longer days are creeping in and I’m on the lookout for daffodils. Warmer weather is coming and I’m certainly ready with two new dresses at Beloved Endeavour.

Once upon a time sequins along with metallics were only seen in the autumn winter collections but now they have broken their own rules and are set to claim their space in our spring wardrobes. I’ve already worn the dress on the left- albeit with opaques and a cardi but I must say that the sequins jazzed up my winter mood. I wore it in the daytime too. What a rebel I am.

Both dresses available now.



Still Jumping For Joy

Its been around fifteen months since I first documented my love of jumpsuits and they are still high on my fashion radar- I just can’t get enough. The majority of the jumpsuits I’ve seen over a size 16 have been solid black (except that fantabulous bright blue Evans one last summer from the Beth Ditto collection) but I don’t think I’ve actually seen any with an all over pattern. Step forward Simply Be ….

Love, love, love, love, LOVE! As modelled by the gorgeous Gwyneth Harrison of Mark Fast catwalk fame. Did I mention that I love it? The jumpsuit will be available from March 29th so form an orderly queue behind me please, ladies. Thank you.

Other new items from the current collection at Simply Be

I’ve not worn a parka since my student days many years ago but they seem to have wormed their way back into my consciousness and I’ve found myself looking for one. I especially like the military badge on this one and I so hope it comes with the jacket and isn’t just “stylist’s own”. Fab shoes too.

Just Not Ready

How can I be ready for spring fashion when outside still looks like this?

As I stated in a post around a year ago-¬† I love nautical looks but the weather over these parts at the moment just make all the spring ranges look like the height of impracticability. Looking around the shops even these displays couldn’t rumble up an ounce of enthusiasm from me.



I don’t do winter very well. Some people look fabulous in their winter gear all colour coordinated and stylish- I just look like a bad Betty Suarez as everything is mismatched and the only question I ask myself when I put on my outergear is- “is this warm?” If the answer is yes, then on it goes with no thought to styling. I could do better and in fact, I might actually try to do so from this weekend by hitting the sales to look for a hat and scarf that match my electric blue leather gloves so I can stop looking like a rag doll reject.

O.K Corral

Yes I know- cringeworthy post title but its my blog and I can be cheesy if I like ūüôā

Coral is hands down my favourite colour of this season- I like it even more than I like nautical (and thats saying something) and am teetering on the verge of wearing it to death even though spring has only just started.¬†I’ve mainly been wearing it with grey¬†and beige but recently discovered while packing my washing away, that I like the way it looks next to chartreuse. An unobvious colour combination but I really like the way it looks and can see it working well with denim.

As its my favourite colour of the season I’ve used it for three different looks shown below so whatever you’re doing you can incorporate a little coral loveliness into your day.


For Days: Shirt dress 82,05 Euros- Carmakoma, Bag £48 Urban Outfitters, Boyfriend style jacket- £40 Dorothy Perkins, Swallow earrings- £6 Diva at Miss Selfridge, T- Bar shoes- £55 Office, Jeans- $56 Torrid.


For Evenings Out: Dress- $168 Nordstrom, OPI Nail Polish( Los Cabos Coral) $7.32 diva.com, Bag- £10 Warehouse at House of Fraser, Heart ring- £10 Diva at Miss Selfridge, Bangles- £10 Evans, Shoes- £65 Topshop. 


For Work: Jacket- £60 Ann Harvey, Scarf £17 Elvi, Shirt- £30 Ann Harvey, Shoes £55 Topshop, Leather Belt £20 Fashion World, Skirt- £30 Ann Harvey, Bag £48 Fiorelli at ASOS

Standout Collection of the Week

My up and down favourite of London Fashion Week has to be the Basso and Brooke collection without a doubt. I saw the collection online and gasped- no- I really did. It is FANTASTIC. I¬† am a sucker for bright colours and a fool for bright colours against a black background so I was all over this. I looked at the photos and cooed, ooohed and ahhed from beginning to end. B&B prints are so fabulously intricate and spectacular¬†that they don’t even really need to design clothes to utilise them. They could print up a collection of sack dresses and I for one would be very happy to see them come down the runway- I’m quite certain I would still ooo and ahhhh. I can’t wait for this collection to hit the shops so I can just go and touch one of these fabulous pieces.

All images from nymag.com.