Lane Bryant Gets it Right

Once critisised for not promoting their clothes on a variety of different body shapes, Lane Bryant listens to their market and creates a series of ads featuring women of various sizes not just wearing, but using their activewear. In fact these women are athletes which also helps to dispel the myth that plus women don’t work out.

In other fitness news, Nike have extended the sizing for over 80 products (according to Refinery 29) up to a size 3XL which is about a UK 22, and are set to increase the sizing of more products in spring. About time too even though thats still two sizes too small for me so I won’t be jumping for joy just yet, even though it’s welcome news. I’m not the most active of people apart from the occasional circuit training class, but I find find it frustrating that big brand sportswear often only goes up to a size 18. If you’re bigger than that you usually have to settle for activewear ranges from regular fashion retailers like Evans, Yours etc. Brands like Pineapple and Ellesse do plus sizes but they are only available through Simply Be. Try finding anything above a size 16 on their own web pages and you’re stuck.  It feels as though they don’t mind taking our money but don’t really want to be associated with bigger bodies. We can wear their label across our chests but they won’t do much to acknowledge our existence. You do your fitness shopping over there, fat girl.

Whether Nike’s larger sizes will be easily available in the UK remains to be seen but I will certainly go looking. Where do you get your fitness gear from? I’m tired of my plain black leggings and need more pizazz.


Medically and Toddler Approved

See the scarf? I’ve had it for over a year but I only started wearing it a few days ago. I bought it from Primark on a whim but haven’t worn it until recently and I now feel like Merlin. This humble Primark scarf has caused people to stare at me in the street and I have had a great many compliments about it. Yesterday I walked past a girl of about 2 who froze, gawped and pointed and me shouting, “scarf!” . Also yesterday I saw a nurse who said it was lovely to see someone wearing a scarf that isn’t black. Today too, I’ve had several strangers tell me how much they like it. It’s almost as though the end of my scarf has been sprinkling magic happy dust on people as I walk by- they keep telling me it’s made them smile. All this because I was in a rush and grabbed the first scarf I saw in my drawer.


Bust first, a selfie. Toilets at Harvey Nichols BIrmingham.

So in celebration of this medically and toddler approved piece of neckwear I’m running a contest. Do you have a bright scarf that makes you or others smile whenever you wear it? If so, show me! Post it to Instagram and tag it #toddlerapprovedfashion and I will give the best one a 30% discount at against any order. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday. While you’re on Insta, please follow me @fatgirlclothes or my new “official” account @belovedendeavour. Much appreciated and I’m looking forward to seeing your pics!


The rest of the outfit above:

Coat- Thrifted

Hat- Hatman

Jeans- Yours

Bag- Kipling (Which coincidentally is called Deena!)

Boots- Dr Martens (mine are years old but here are some other boots by DM)

Jumper- Yours (bought last year but here’s a link to another sparkly jumper they do)



7 Things

I can’t get this video to upload but its well worth watching! Click the image to view.



Wedding Belles

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, you ought to start!) you will know that I have spent the latter part of this past week frantically making a dress for my niece’s wedding. Now even though they handed out wedding invites months ago I still found myself starting the dress on Wednesday evening and finishing it on Friday night. I have to say I wasn’t majorly worried about not finishing it, more annoyed at myself for not doing it sooner. Anyhow, I finished it, bought my accessories and I have to say I am pretty darned please with the results.



The fabric is a medium weight brocade that I love so much it’s definitely fabric purchase of the year. You can’t really tell from the photos but there is a dropped waist and a full circle skirt with a rounded hankerchief hem. There is a V neckline at the back too.

I have some extra fabric left so I’ll be adding this dress to Etsy soon.

Accessory details……

Bag- Karen Millen

Shoes- Yours

Necklace and earrings- H&M

I must add that the shoes were super comfy and although I had flats with me in case my feet hurt in the evening, I didn’t have to take them off at all despite lots of dancing.

I can’t really talk about the wedding outfit without mentioning the bride and groom who both looked stunning. Despite the horrid weather this week and snow the same morning, the sun came out and the whole day was just beautiful. It really couldn’t have gone any better than it did.


I’m hoping they don’t mind having their photo on here!

And finally, you’ve got to photograph the pretty looking dessert haven’t you!


Yours and Mine with Extra Booty

Can I just blow my own trumpet for a moment? I do absolutely love my new Beloved Endeavour velveteen skirt. I’ve worn it twice in the past week and each time I’ve worn it I’ve paired it with a shirt from Yours (the white one is here, and the print one is here) and a bit of ribbon from the haberdashery department at House Of Fraser.


I look a bit of a mess but this was taken after I’d returned from a day at work so forgive me.

Yours is steadily going up in my estimation (although they do slide down again every time I see a butterfly motif top in store). I used to really dislike its dark stores that were inundated with black clothes (and there still is masses of black) but the Bullring store is much brighter and more welcoming than the Merry Hill one so I tend to go in more. The quality is still hit and miss but I like that they have a huge selection of items for various occasions. Evans pips them to the post because the quality is better, I love the designer collaborations and I prefer the whole “feel” of Evans stores.

Extra Booty

I definitely wasn’t feeling as miserable as I look. I was having a great day!

The second outfit is my favourite as I think the white shirt might look a bit too waitressy with the bow. I was told I looked like the KFC colonel by someone who has about as much style as an old paper bag, but I enjoyed wearing it anyhow. The jacket is about 5 years old from New Look with my trusted DM boots which were perfect for stomping around London (I was at the Textile Forum Fabric Show)

PS- I could easily have cropped the bending over woman from the image but I find her quite amusing so she stays.

Big brand inclusion- for a change

jobsI saw this in House of Fraser a few days ago and it stopped me in my tracks. A recruitment advert featuring a plus sized woman where they could easily have used a smaller model. It might be one in a series though I’ve not seen any other ads in the store and this one was in the men’s dept which makes me think it might not be. Unless……. they put the fat woman in with the men and the size 8 version of the poster on the popular women’s fashion floor. Hmmm… I hope I’m just over thinking the issue and that’s not really the case. I hope my original thought, that HoF used a larger model with integrity is a true telling of what actually happened. If that’s the case HoF then it’s a job well done. Can we now have some more bigger clothes too? Chesca is fine but I’m not 70 and I’m not the mother of the bride. Ta.

Boogie Nights

vintage party

When Fashion Bites the Hand That Feeds it

One of the big players and a daily stop for me is the Style Bubble blog written by the lively and inspiring Susie Bubble. Susie is one of the most influential fashion bloggers there is and is highly regarded in the fashion blogosphere and the industry in general for her experimental style and new talent radar, bringing to attention many new names in fashion before they hit the big time. She blogs for love, not money and her reach has extended out of the internet and into “real life” as she has been featured in several magazines and newspapers.

So imagine my surprise when I log onto her blog this afternoon and see this post where she tells us she has had to remove a blog entry she did last week where she posted pics of herself taken in a Pam Hogg store, wearing a Pam Hogg catsuit. Apparently it appears that Pam Hogg who doesn’t allow images of her clothing to be “represented in an uncontrolled environment“, took offence to the images and deemed them “bad publicity”. You can see a couple of the images here…

Now I know that Susie and her boyf were goofing around throwing kung fu moves and didn’t buy anything, but the space that they are in is a helluvalot bigger than a fitting room so if someone was opposed to the pictures being taken why wasn’t something said at the time? SOMEONE must have been around. Also, how is this publicity bad? Susie never said anything negative about the catsuits and the pic of her boyfriend wearing one is just funny, not BAD.

For those that don’t know, Pam Hogg is a UK designer who was first popular in the 80’s and is now making a comeback to the mainstream. The years have rolled by but it looks like Pam Hogg’s head is still stuck in the 80’s power hungry mindset and seems to be unaware that this is the internet age. The internet rules and bloggers wield much influence in all industries so why did she get her knickers in such a twist over the photos? Pam Hogg was duly credited as creator of the catsuit and owner of the shop within which the photos were taken so why get all arsey? Also, Pam Hogg was quite controversial back in the day so why the more conservative stance now? How can you create a collection of space cadet catsuits (and wear them yourself at a mature age) and still take yourself so overly seriously? WHY? WHY? WHY? The whole thing has left Susie feeling quite low and she recounts that shes not felt that way since she was 13 and got thrown out of a designer store for not looking like their prefered clientele. Personally I think Susie should have kept the photos up as they are her own pictures and Pam Hogg (the lady herself and her PR team) have no right to ask her to remove the images. Then again- maybe she did the right thing…. yes, remove the pics so that P.H can have some bad publicity of her own to choke on.

Well Pam Hogg, hows this for representation in an uncontrolled environment?

I think I’ve cheated myself out of around 3lbs here as my knees are fatter than that.


O.K Corral

Yes I know- cringeworthy post title but its my blog and I can be cheesy if I like 🙂

Coral is hands down my favourite colour of this season- I like it even more than I like nautical (and thats saying something) and am teetering on the verge of wearing it to death even though spring has only just started. I’ve mainly been wearing it with grey and beige but recently discovered while packing my washing away, that I like the way it looks next to chartreuse. An unobvious colour combination but I really like the way it looks and can see it working well with denim.

As its my favourite colour of the season I’ve used it for three different looks shown below so whatever you’re doing you can incorporate a little coral loveliness into your day.


For Days: Shirt dress 82,05 Euros- Carmakoma, Bag £48 Urban Outfitters, Boyfriend style jacket- £40 Dorothy Perkins, Swallow earrings- £6 Diva at Miss Selfridge, T- Bar shoes- £55 Office, Jeans- $56 Torrid.


For Evenings Out: Dress- $168 Nordstrom, OPI Nail Polish( Los Cabos Coral) $7.32, Bag- £10 Warehouse at House of Fraser, Heart ring- £10 Diva at Miss Selfridge, Bangles- £10 Evans, Shoes- £65 Topshop


For Work: Jacket- £60 Ann Harvey, Scarf £17 Elvi, Shirt- £30 Ann Harvey, Shoes £55 Topshop, Leather Belt £20 Fashion World, Skirt- £30 Ann Harvey, Bag £48 Fiorelli at ASOS

Same But Different