Changeable is an Understatement

Monday- tshirt, Tuesday- raincoat, Wednesday- flip flops, Thursday- scarf- ARRRRGH!! I’m so sick of it!!! I know its not officially summer yet but I still expect more. The other day I went out at lunchtime and experienced three different weather conditions- THREE in ONE HOUR! I’ve given up trying to figure what the weather is going to do next and no longer watch the reports on TV. I just make sure I always wear layers, sensible shoes and don’t go anywhere without an umbrella and lightweight scarf in my bag, that way I’m ready for anything.

The title below might be a bit premature as its only May but judging by recent weather and the state of the past couple of summers it might be right on point. I hope I’m proved wrong.

1. Swimsuit £25Evans (available in standard and fuller cup sizes) , 2. Smocked sun top £16 New Look, 3. Umbrella £15 John Lewis, 4. Striped bag £15 Monsoon , 5. Denim shorts £25 Evans 6. Long cardi £25 Dorothy Perkins, 7. Floral skirt £15 Dorothy Perkins, 8. Sun hat $12.90 9. Mac £45 Next


6 Comments on “Changeable is an Understatement”

  1. FrumpyGibbon says:

    Come to Aust and experience our summer. The sweat. The flies. The 40 degree temperatures.

    Tempted? :p

    Seriously though, that swimsuit is fab. I must have it. For next summer. So I can wear it under my coverall at the swimming pool.

    *sigh* And now I have a yearning for summer and we haven’t even started winter here yet.

    • Deena says:

      Hell yeh I’m tempted! And you wouldn’t hear a single word of complaint from me…. well, maybe about the flies but Australia sounds perfect. Do you live near a beach?

  2. FrumpyGibbon says:

    I grew up about 15 mins from the beach but I’m about an hour from the beach these days (because of traffic).

    But we holiday on the coast most summers. And we dream of moving to the coast somewhere. If only …

  3. Deborah-lee says:

    Haa, I was about to come in and say book a trip to Oz.

    Cept I can hear the rain on the roof, and see the floods on the news.

    Best place I could recommend is Darwin!

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