Item of the Week 9/06/2015

Monif C Sydney Jumpsuit- $168. Killing the jumpsuit game DEAD.

Monif C Sydney Jumpsuit- $168. Killing the jumpsuit game DEAD.

Item of the whole darn season!

You already know how much I love jumpsuits. I don’t like rompers as much but this new item from Monif C has changed the romper game.


Definitely not for kids. This is for the grown and sexy. Love it, love it, LOVE IT. Imagine if it came in a full length trouser version? I might just keel over.

As if that wasn’t superb enough, Monif C has some other new items that make me weak at the knees.


For your inner superhero


For your inner good girl


For your inner hot mama

Liking ’em?

Item of the Week 25/01/2012

$198, Monif C. Available March 12

Item of the week (part 2) 15/11/10

I thought I was over jumpsuits, but evidently not…….

Monif C, $198USD

Monif C, Superstylin’ for Spring

I previously mentioned that coral was my colour of the season and illustrated ideas of how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Well here’s the addendum piece to that coral loving post. This super sexy dress has more going for it than just a great colour. The exposed zipper that I’ve seen on many a runway adds a definite edge and I like the modified body con shape; fitted but not skin tight. I’m not a big advocate for Spanx but I would certainly need a little help to pull this off. Its a shame I can’t walk into a store and try it on because I would love to see how I look in something as clingy as this.

Dress- $178, Monif C.  Available from March 27th


In more Monif C news I spotted this dress that bears a striking resemblence to a certain inauguration ballgown worn  by a certain first lady.

Its the ever popular Marilyn convertiable dress in a new longer length and it looks stunning.

Have you ever bought a Marilyn convertible dress from Monif C? How was it for you? I ask because its only available in one size to fit sizes 8- 24. I know the skirt section is the only fully formed part of the dress and the rest of the dress is constructed from ties that wrap around the body, but I don’t get how a size 8 “skirt” can also fit a size 24 body. Wouldn’t it just end up too tight around the middle? I guess that’s where the magic comes in and why this dress is popular. I’m intrigued.

Dress- $235 Monif C. Available March 27th.

Looking Forward to Spring/ Summer

Christmas isn’t here yet but I’m kinda over it already. I think this year has had so many ups and down for me personally and globally, that I really just want to see the back of it and usher in what I hope will be a better 2009. Part of my looking forward process involves looking at a new spring/ summer wardrobe even though we’re all still in our winter gear. Anyone living in Britain will probably still be in their winter gear come July, going by what the past two summers have been like. At the end of this past summer I relegated summer in Britain to the archives because I really think its a thing of he past- much like dodos and free school milk. Still- I have a smidgen of hope that this summer I will be able to wear something that looks like one of these gorgeous dresses without having to layer it under a chunky knit.

Essence Showcase Monif C

Essence magazine have an online  photoset of celebrities in gorgeous Monif C dresses. I LOVE the blue satin dress in picture 9 and would wear it in a heartbeat. Click here to see all the pics.