We Call It Acid

I truly am stuck in a fashion time-warp and I can’t help it. 80’s fashion keeps rearing its head and I keep clapping my hands with glee. I was a child in the 80’s so I have fond memories of the decade and my shell suit and ra- ra skirts. I want it to be 1988 forever.

The latest 80’s resurrection is the acid wash jean- hooray! I only had one pair of jeans of any description as a teenager as I was very self conscious and thought I was too fat to wear them. They were acid wash and I remember the day I bought them. My sister in law took me on a specific jeans shopping trip and we walked up and down the Swan Centre in Yardley looking for these elusive jeans in a size 16, until we finally found them in a shop called Thandi Fashions. I remember it well because I was so relieved to finally find some that fit but still couldn’t get over my self consciousness to wear them more than a handful of times. Well today is a new day and I am going to be making up for my past self conscious issues and wearing the hell outta some acid wash denim. If you want to join me on my journey check out these…..

1. Torrid $35.97, 2. Torrid $38, 3. Torrid- $48, 4. Avenue $29.99, 5. Evans- £25 

Now its time for a song in keeping with the 80’s and all things aciiiiiiiiiiiiiid………………..

For those that don’t remember this/ don’t know it, it was a huge hit around 1988 when acid house was huge and neon colours first hit the high street. I used to LOVE this.

Looking Forward to Spring/ Summer

Christmas isn’t here yet but I’m kinda over it already. I think this year has had so many ups and down for me personally and globally, that I really just want to see the back of it and usher in what I hope will be a better 2009. Part of my looking forward process involves looking at a new spring/ summer wardrobe even though we’re all still in our winter gear. Anyone living in Britain will probably still be in their winter gear come July, going by what the past two summers have been like. At the end of this past summer I relegated summer in Britain to the archives because I really think its a thing of he past- much like dodos and free school milk. Still- I have a smidgen of hope that this summer I will be able to wear something that looks like one of these gorgeous dresses without having to layer it under a chunky knit.