Jubilant in Jibri

The more it snows, the brighter my wardrobe gets. I started a very cold February being really into pastels, but now we are in late March and it’s actually friggin’ snowing, I’ve upped the colour quotient and if it ain’t bright, I ain’t interested.

In steps Jibri, right on time.

JIBRI Plus Size High Waist Pencil Skirt (Tropicana)

If I was wearing this outfit I’d be shouting at the top of my lungs as well. ┬áJibri is a designer label after my own heart. Bright, tropical, and oodles of fun, this two piece festival of botanic madness is making me want to book a holiday right this minute. It’s ┬ápart of a collection of blazing separates in a range of colours, including black if you’re finding it hard to step out of winter just yet, and is available in US sizes 12- 24. I’ve never bought a Jibri piece myself, but every season I look forward to seeing what the label offers because they truly have their finger of the pulse of what their customers want to wear. No muted neutrals in sight, and no frowns allowed. July- we’re ready for you.

What do you think of the new Jibri range?

JIBRI Plus Size Peplum Top- Square Neckline

JIBRI Plus Size Peplum Top- Square Neckline

JIBRI Plus Size High Waist Pencil Pants (Ankle)

Item of the Week 23/10/2012

Top $95, Skirt not yet available but don’t you just LOVE it?

UPDATE 23/10/12 12pm

I’ve just followed the link and this item has now sold! However, there are still lots of great items- including other limited editions- available on the Jibri site.