Item of the Week 06/04/2017


£71, Traffic People at Simply Be

Item of the Week 9/06/2015

Monif C Sydney Jumpsuit- $168. Killing the jumpsuit game DEAD.

Monif C Sydney Jumpsuit- $168. Killing the jumpsuit game DEAD.

Item of the Week 11/05/15

£55, Asos Curve

£55, Asos Curve. Tell me you don’t love it.

Still Jumping For Joy

Its been around fifteen months since I first documented my love of jumpsuits and they are still high on my fashion radar- I just can’t get enough. The majority of the jumpsuits I’ve seen over a size 16 have been solid black (except that fantabulous bright blue Evans one last summer from the Beth Ditto collection) but I don’t think I’ve actually seen any with an all over pattern. Step forward Simply Be ….

Love, love, love, love, LOVE! As modelled by the gorgeous Gwyneth Harrison of Mark Fast catwalk fame. Did I mention that I love it? The jumpsuit will be available from March 29th so form an orderly queue behind me please, ladies. Thank you.

Other new items from the current collection at Simply Be

I’ve not worn a parka since my student days many years ago but they seem to have wormed their way back into my consciousness and I’ve found myself looking for one. I especially like the military badge on this one and I so hope it comes with the jacket and isn’t just “stylist’s own”. Fab shoes too.

Queen Latifah- What Do You Think?

I don’t watch American Idol so I’m 3 weeks late to this particular party, plus, I don’t usually do “hot or not” style celebrity outfit critique style posts- BUT, I couldn’t let this pass me by.

Image from

Image from

Image from

Image from

I just saw these photos on the Daily News website and had to comment. You’ve heard me harp on and on about jumpsuits in past posts so you know I’m a diehard jumpsuit advocate who wants the trend to last FOREVER, but is this particular jumpsuit working or not?

I’m not totally convinced that it is. Its not God awful but it could be better. Actually, I would go as far as to say that she looks great in all these static shots but I’ve seen other photos that aren’t so hot. Plus, I’ve not seen any footage of her performance so see the suit “in action”. I love this jumpsuit from the waist upwards but not from the waist down as I think its a smidge too tight. If it looked like this one from the waist down or like these, her whole look would have been on fire but as it is it just kinda sizzles a little and falls on its face which is a shame really.

That’s just my two cents worth, what do you think?


Addendum some hours later…

Ok, so I’ve come back and found a few more images and am warming to the skintight jumspuit look a bit more and truly appreciating the guts it took to wear it but I still don’t like the bottom half. Two questions: Do I think QL is too big to wear it? NOPE. Figurewise she looks hot but do I like the actual jumpsuit? NOPE. I have tried to envisage Amber Rose in something similar and I still don’t think I’d like it (the bottom half) then. I immediately thought of Amber Rose because I remember this photo of her in the hot pink skintights and this photo of her in red and if she was wearing this jumpsuit I still wouldn’t be sold. Oh well. Latifah, I still loves ya! (from the waist up) 🙂

Jumpsuit Lovin’ Ladies

Jumpsuit catwalk show take one!………..

Hugh Manatee from Flickr


Design Princess from Flickr


Design Princess from Flickr

The All -in- One Revolution

I just LOVE how Evans have grabbed the jumpsuit/ playsuit trend by the horns and are running with it. Since I bought my jumpsuit a few months back they’ve come out with another version, plus a playsuit. I have never worn shorts in my adult life as I am ever so slightly knock knee-ed (I never really noticed until I was 17 and a boyfriend pointed it out. Thanks for that. Ever since then I’ve been conscious of it) so I would be hesitant to try this one out myself. However, I would love to see how it looks on someone else. That’s where you come in!! If you buy this particular item or if you have a playsuit from somewhere else, doll yourself up, take a picture, email it to me with some details about yourself and where you bought it and you will be featured on here.

I tell ya what- lets go for gold- if you have a jumpsuit that you want to flaunt you can do the same. I know some of you are still unsure of how to wear one and maybe would like some ideas or inspiration on how to make it work for you , this way you can interact with other readers via this space and inspire each other. How about it? Mail me at fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com and let the fashion show commence!

Jumpsuit £35, Playsuit £28, both from Evans in sizes 14- 32

PS- Dorothy Perkins also have a good selection of all in ones here, all up to size 22.