Fabric Reunion

Last night I attended the Music Video and Screen awards in Birmingham and FINALLY got to wear a dress I’ve had for a couple of months but have been saving for this occasion.

Crushed velvet is one of those fabrics that I never thought would hurry back onto the fashion radar , but high fashion it certainly is. I’ve not worn it myself since 1992 in the form of a fitted tee I made myself which was teamed with a jacket I made in textiles class at school…..

As part of my reintroduction to a fabric I used to wear a lot, the ASOS gift fairies sent me this dress (size 26) along with the coat I blogged about a while back and I promised myself I wouldn’t tarnish it before this event.

I love it. Its super comfortable, fits well and requires no ironing! I’ve kept it folded up in a drawer for the past few weeks and just took it out and slipped it on- my kinda frock! I have no real complaints about it. I thought that being a fitted velvet dress it might continually ride up but it didn’t, it held its position all night even during the after party boogie. The only thing that did ever so slightly irritate me was that the lining on the inside of the side drapey bit was sometimes slightly visible at the top edge so I found myself tucking that back in a few times, but apart from that minor I am very happy with it and is something I would buy myself. In fact, I’m contemplating buying the red version for Christmas day.

As for the event, I had a FANTASTIC night and saw loads of slebs so was doing my best not to gawp but get a good look at the same time. Alison Hammond was there and I REALLY wanted to get a photo with her but I didn’t see her at the end but Alison, if by any remote chance you are reading this- HELLO! I did see Rudolph Walker though (Patrick from Eastenders) and we hammed it up a bit for the camera.

Correction- I hammed it up for the camera. Rudolph being the cool calm and collected man he is, looked well- cool, calm and collected and I just look like a crazed fan. Lawd.


9 Comments on “Fabric Reunion”

  1. bronny says:

    That dress! I love it

  2. It looks so pretty on you! The color is fabulous :-).

  3. BuffPuff says:

    You look fabulous in that get-up. The silvery grey really suits you!

  4. Mary says:

    Looks fab, Love non iron clothes, we are all so busy who wants to spend time ironing when you could just be looking good…;)

  5. R says:

    I cant believe I’m actually in love with a “velvet” dress! It’s beautiful, and you’re great! 🙂

  6. Don’t you just love clothes that need no ironing? 😛

  7. That dress looks fantastic, definitely high style.

  8. I don’t know if crushed velvet would look so great on me, but you look fabulous!

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