The Jumpsuit


Since playsuits and jumpsuits started to re-emerge in fashion I have been patiently waiting for a plus size version to be created though I did wonder if it would ever happen. I don’t know if there are are versions available in US store but I had never seen any in  the UK . I remember when leggings first made their comeback and I read somewhere that they should never be worn by anyone over 30 or bigger than a size 10, but that claim has been well and truly rubbished as they have become a staple item in many a woman’s wardrobe regardless of size or age. But what about the jumpsuit?  Do you remember the purple jumpsuit worn by a dancer in Destiny’s Child’s “Bootilicious” video? I always thought she looked great in hers but I never thought I would really be able to pull it off as I don’t have the same hourglass figure she does.

Around two weeks ago while doing my usual browse  of I came across this…… 

….and I gotta tell ya, I didn’t get very excited at all. I just kinda sighed- as I seem to do a lot. You can’t see much detail from the pic, it just looks like a big dark shadow. Even when you zoom in you can’t see any details, its just a big black shape. Add that to the fact that the garment appears to have 3/4 length legs, is made from jersey fabric and appears has a dropped waist- it all just felt like a big anti climax after my long wait as I wasn’t feeling it at all. Still- I was not deterred. I wanted to try it on anyhow and see how I looked in it just to satisfy I own curiosity. My local Evans store don’t have it so I had to wait until this past weekend when I went to visit my cousin in London. Due to stupid torrential rain messing with my travel plans I was running late but I had a focus. I had to get to the main flagship store as they were bound to have it because I just HAD to see how I looked in it.

I was a woman on a mission. There I was dragging my wheelie weekend bag with one hand and tripping people up, the other hand trying to brace my umbrella against the relentless wind and rain trying frantically to get to Marble Arch before my feet soaked though.  I eventually got there found the jumpsuit and dashed to the fitting room. 



My first impression was hmmmm, as I kinda felt like I was wearing my PJ’s but I was glad to see that the legs aren’t 3/4 length at all, they’re full length and there are drawstring ties at the ankle. After adjusting it and substituting my own belt for the fabric belt that comes with it I felt a lot less baby romper suit and much more Saturday Night Fever/ Farrah Fawcett- ish and I actually began to like it. I paraded around in it for a while and I really started to warm to it but I just kept thinking- can I really get away with wearing this? It felt comfortable (as romper suits do! ) but I just kept thinking- fat woman in a jumpsuit- should I?????? I didn’t buy it but that was 2 days ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. I mean’ I wouldn’t have to wear it on its own, I could wear something over it. I have no problem with showing my arms- its just the whole jumpsuit thing that I have to ease myself into slowly. I have had time to think about it and I think I’ll definitely buy it.


6 Comments on “The Jumpsuit”

  1. Emily says:

    Well I only just noticed you mentioned this in the previous post I commented on (makes me sound about 100 and very new to this blogging lark which I’m not!)
    I had seen this and had similar emotions to you ranging from a shriek of horror to a shriek of joy and I have to say it looks really great and I’d totally consider it. One question I’m sure many people will wonder – what’s the toilet situation going to be like in it??

    • Deena says:

      Yes, I had thought of that and in the absence of romper suit crotch poppers I will have to make sure I get to the bathroom in plenty of time so I can basically undress every time I need to go. Crikey. I will have to make sure I limit the liquid intake because the climbing in and out will get very tired very quickly.

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  3. Buy it. Looks great.

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