Let Me Upstage Ya

I don’t think that there is much by way of clothing that I shy away from anymore. My fondness of jumpsuits has reached legendary status, horizontal stripes have never fazed me (although they seem to alarm anyone looking at my stripe clad body), and bright colours and large prints are my happy place. Sequins however, have never featured on my clothing as anything more than a modest motif. Not because I have avoided them, but because I rarely go anywhere so glam that a full on sequin look wouldn’t be classed as overkill. Well having been inspired by many a fatshion blogger over the years who dares to go OTT in Tesco, baroque at the bus stop and slay in Sainsbury’s, I plan to follow suit and will be giving it loads in the living room on Christmas day. I know my family will wonder why I’m so extra but in a house with no Christmas tree or festive decorations of any sort, I’m planning to have all eyes on me and provide the sparkle that’s missing from the walls. My only concern is how close the pailettes can get to the oven before they buckle and warp, much like my inflated sense of importance.

Christmas Party New Year Plus Size Fashion Beloved Endeavour Red Sequin Dress

Christmas Party New YearPlus Size Fashion Beloved Endeavour Red Sequin Dress

Christmas Party Plus Size Fashion Beloved Endeavour Red Sequin Dress

Dress- Beloved Endeavour

Shoes- Simply Be

Wishing you all a very…..

PS- and yes, I did make it myself ūüôā

Feeling a bit Christmassy

I am staying far, FAR from the city centre between now and the end of January. Its CRAZY out there. There are millions of people out shopping, queues are horrendously long and there is too much activity in general. I’m staying home where its safe, warm and quiet, and doing my shopping online. This is what I have my eye on. I probably won’t get much more than the Asos belt but you never know what Santa might bring me…..


1. Eyelet dress £61.47,T- Bags at Saks Fifth Avenue  , 2.  Studded Tights £10, Yours, 3. Reindeer bag £55, French Connection,  4. Blue Shoes £23, Office, 5.  Multi colour clutch £60, French Connection, 6.  Metallic Purple Belt £3 (!!!!!!) Asos, 7. Earrings £50 All Saints,  8. Starry Night Shoes £39, Office, 9. Ruched dress £398.96, David Meister at Saks Fifth Avenue


Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I’m a bit of a grouch when it comes to Christmas. It takes me quite a while to get into the Christmas spirit because I really don’t like the hype that surrounds it and the hoards of people out shopping just irritate me. I ignore Christmas for as long as possible until I relent and start looking for party dresses- like I am now. I only have a couple of parties to go to, one outfit is sorted but the other¬† may well be one of these lookers below that have tickled my fancy…

Left- Anna Scholz, £345

Right- City Chic, $118.14 AUD

Left- Lovedrobe, £22

Right- Torrid, $68USD

Left- Plus Size Fix, $42.99 USD

Right- New Look Inspire, £30

Chaka Khan and Evans!


I have exclusive news! Evans are teaming up with the one and only Chaka Khan this Christmas! OMG!

Chaka will be modelling key pieces from the Evans Christmas collection¬†in a campaign that will feature online and in all stores. The campaign coincides with the nationwide¬†Here Come the Girls¬†tour featuring¬†Chaka along with Lulu and Anastacia and will run throughout November and December.¬†Heres a preview of a couple of images…


Chaka Khan

Evans will also be selling a specially designed piece of  jewellery- the Chaka Charm, and a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the charm will go to The Chaka Khan Foundation, that is an organisation which inspires, educates and empowers at risk children to help them reach their full potential.

This is¬†superb news and its great to see that the revamped and jazzed up Evans isn’t excluding its core customers who may not have related to Beth Ditto, from all the fun.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Photo borrowed from the extremely talented abbietabbie.

Pat- a- Cake, Pat- a- Cake

Can you believe its Christmas already? It certainly doesn’t seem like 365 days since the last one and here we are again so soon.¬† For most of us it will be a 24 hour (at least) glut fest where we eat the traditional Christmas dinner followed by Christmas cake/ Christmas pudding¬†and graze on Quality Street chocs throughout the day. However, I bet none of the cakes you eat will look like any of these…..

…. and if they did would you really want to eat them? These skillfully crafted cupcakes are an absolute delight to look at and I really don’t think I could bring myself to eat one of these beauties. If I had one of these I would sit it on my bookshelf and it would stay there til the end of time.¬†Abby- the creator- has meticulously crafted each of these with so much love and attention, it would seem rude to destroy it by sinking your chops into it even though of course, thats the whole idea.¬† The¬†baker, decorator and all round wondermaker¬†of these¬†adorably cute cakes¬†goes by the moniker “abbietabbie” and isn’t a professional, but creates these mini culinary¬†marvels as a hobby for friends and family. As well as doing cupcakes she also creates full sized cakes for any occasion and her photostream makes me think that she must be incredibly nimble fingered and¬†possess the patience of a saint. I decorate the odd cake every now and then but my cake decorating skills are woefully inadequate compared to such greatness. To see abbietabbie’s Flickr photostream click here¬†or¬†on the image above,¬†and try not to drool into your keyboard.

Last Minute Party Dresses

Oh no- its christmas next week! Oh no, its new year the following week, I’ve got nothing to wear! Well how about one of these?….


Or one of these? Igigi usually have a good range of evening and cocktail dresses and this year they don’t disappoint.

Its Almost Party Time!

I LOVE strapless dresses but I can’t wear them. I don’t mean that I can’t wear them in the way that I claimed I couldn’t wear a knitted dress a few weeks ago- I mean I REALLY can’t wear them. The boobies need more hoiking and more support than a strapless bra can offer and I don’t like the way a shrug looks with an industrial¬†standard¬†bra strap showing when you shimmy. Therefore- no strapless dresses for me ūüė¶

However, I know there are lots of ladies out there who look great in them so this post is for you. Christmas is only 62 days away, not to mention NYE, so I have scoured the internet looking for the best in strap free party dresses with you all in mind. So grab some cash (credit cards are so passe), hit the shops and  go forth in all your bosomy glory. Make me proud!

All I Want For Christmas

Please, please, please, please, please (add lib to fade)

Please, please, please, please, please (add lib to fade)

Dearest Santa Claus/ St Nicholas/ Father Christmas/ Chris Kringle

Its been twenty five years since I last wrote to you, not because I’ve grown into a¬†non¬†believer, but simply because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to take up the time of others for un-essential things.¬†¬†Its a character flaw I know, because everyone needs someone sometimes, but I’m still working on that one. Also, I wanted to save up all my christmas gift favours til there was something that I really really really wanted- even more than that game of Operation that you so kindly bestowed upon me without me even having to ask. You are so good at your job, but I guess thats why you are still employed at HO¬†a hundred years later.

I know you are a very busy man with lots of lists to write and check twice, which is why I’m writing to you in October- I don’t want you to feel as though I’m pressuring you or not giving you enough notice- I would hate to see you stressed. I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to buy these boots for me. They’re ¬£95 from Evans and they’re available nationwide. If you can’t make it to a store (I know you need block parking for the sleigh and reindeers)¬†you can purchase¬†them online-¬†they even do international shipping though I’m not sure if they would deliver to the North Pole but I can always email and ask them.

We no longer have a functioning chimney  so please do not force the grate we have covering the old chimney- you would in effect get stuck inside the wall and it would really disrupt our christmas breakfast if we had to break open the long since bricked up chimney breast cavity to get you out.

Kindest Regards to you and Mrs Claus


PS- I wear a size UK 8.

PPS- Could you also give me the ability to walk in such high heels all day and not have my feet ache- or is that not your department?

Thanks in advance.