What should Gabby have worn for the Harpers Shoot?

***UPDATE ON OCT 15***

CONTEST EXTENDED! Contest will now run for an extra week. New closing date- Weds Oct 23 12am.

You’ve all seen the Harper’s Bazaar shoot featuring Gabourey Sidibe wearing a less than inspired outfit, and one thing is clear. Superstar stylists obviously need your help because they don’t have a clue how to dress a larger than size 6 body. If only they’d have asked us we would have put them straight and made Gabby look knockout, like all the other women in that shoot. Still, I’m all for preemptive action so we’re gonna do their job for them so that next time they want to do a high fashion spread with Gabs they have something spectacular to dress her in.


Here comes a pretty big contest.

What should Gabby have worn for that Harper’s shoot?


Draw it! I’m appealing to the creative streak that you all have and by launching a design contest. More work I know, but I’m going to make it worth the effort. This contest is sponsored by Hope and Harvest who are offering a $200AUD voucher…

Hope and Harvest

..and Igigi who are offering a $100 voucher, both to the winning entry.


As its birthday month and I’m feeling generous, I may even throw in a third prize. Also, I would love for as many of you to get involved as possible.

If you don’t think you can draw – fear not- I’m providing a template


I hope Gabby doesn’t mind me depicting her in a swimsuit!

All you have to do is print it off, trace it and draw your outfit on, scan it and email it to me. OK- so its a bit more work than just commenting at the bottom of a post, but it will be worth it! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Whatever you design I just KNOW it will blow that Harper’s outfit right out of the water because you’re much more clued up than that.

As there’s a fair bit of work to do I will leave the contest open for three weeks until October 15th, 12am GMT. After that date I will post all the entries and we’ll all vote for the winner. How does that sound? I’m excited already! Ladies and gents- get drawing!

Contest is open worldwide.

Email your entries to: fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com


IG1Its funny how you can see yourself one way but the rest of the world sees you as something different. I don’t really consider myself to be a girly girl but I’m surprised at how whenever I’m faced with an occasion to go anywhere more special than work, I throw on a dress. I like to think I’m more of a jeans and tee person but my blogging persona is definitely more “dress” than “jeans” as I tend to photograph myself more in the former.  This was particularly evident during my meetup with Buttercup where she commented that a tailored dress we were looking at was really typical of my style. I thought about it and yes, I guess that’s right. I really do like a tailored dress and I would have said I don’t much go for floaty frilly lacy numbers until I saw this…


Not an ounce of tailoring in sight but lots of float, sparkle and romance abound. What is happening to me? Am I going soft in the head? I REALLY like it. I love the colourway and despite it being far more romantic looking than I would usually go for, I’d wear it.

These dresses below are as Buttercup says, more typically me with their semi fitted shape and knee length hem.


So then the question I ask myself is this- just exactly how many different versions of me are there inhabiting this one body?

All dresses from Igigi.com

All I do is win

I love black tie events. They give me the opportunity to dust off the fancy dresses that hardly ever see the  light of day and put on my chandelier earrings. I went to one such event this past Saturday and wore my Igigi Becca dress which is on its second airing and still looking fab even though in this photo my tights are falling down and creating a horrible line. Maybe I shouldn’t have pointed that out because now you are all scrutinising the photo even more closely….


While the event wasn’t particularly great, I did win two prizes in the raffle which is extremely lucky as I only bought two tickets in the first place. I won a bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum, and a one month fitness pass. I’m not much of a drinker of anything, especially not rum but thank you very much. Now about the fitness pass. I actually KNEW I was going to win it. How? Because the comedian host had made a fat joke a few minutes earlier. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be ironic if the fattest woman in the room won the fitness pass right after he’s been ripping into fat people. Lo and behold…… I’m sure the irony was lost on no-one. Was I mad? No. I think I am past the point of caring about anyones negative opinions of me now. I went and claimed my second prize and sat down, very pleased with my return on my £2 spend.

Now as though that wasn’t enough, once dessert was served he then commented that the person who won the prize is really gonna have to work hard to work off the dessert. I was mid conversation with someone at this point so I didn’t even get a chance to glare at him. Would he have said that regardless of  the size of the person who won the fitness pass? Possibly. Maybe the comment wasn’t particularly “fattist”, more “dessertist” ? I don’t know.  More irony ahead. The dessert was NASTY. Sticky toffee pudding made with treacle and served with ice cream. You know when cake is all hard on the outside cause its been left out too long, or sliced and put in the oven? That’s was it was like. Plus it generally just tasted bad. I have 32 sweet teeth and if I don’t eat a pudding you know it must be pretty poor. So, (probably) the fattest woman in the room  wins the fitness pass and doesn’t eat the dessert because its horrid, although this may have been perceived as guilt as y’know, fat people never refuse food regardless of how it tastes and she must have felt too guilty to eat it in public because she’s so big and we all just had a laugh at the expense of fatties. It’s a shame it wasn’t delicious as I would have enjoyed wolfing it down and asking for seconds. But then, that’s probably what they would have expected.  Sometimes you just can’t win. Oh hang on, I almost forgot- I did. Twice.


‘Round Midnight- and GIVEAWAY!

‘Twas a very good day when the postie delivered this gorgeous dress to yours truly, courtesy of Igigi by Yuliya Raquel after they asked if I would be interested in reviewing an item. HELL YEH. I often look at the Igigi site, particularly for their evening and cocktail styles, but have never bought anything  as potential customs charges scare me! Midnight blue is my second favourite colour (violet is number one) so I didn’t have to think twice about what to choose as I fell for this dress on sight.

From the heart- this dress reigns supreme. It’s a bit of a sexy lil number made from silky smooth jersey cut to fit and drape in the right places, and its fully lined too so quite a substantial dress.  The antique silver  sequin embellishments provide just the right amount of sophisticated sparkle without being too loud and blingy, giving me just enough glitz.

This is my first Igigi experience so had to study the size chart before ordering and I can confirm that this dress fits true to their sizes. I ordered the 22/24 and it fits perfectly. Would I recommend them? You bet.


Guess what?! Those generous folks at Igigi are giving you dear readers, the chance to win a $50 gift certificate- ya- hey! All you have to do is comment on this post and you will be automatically entered into the draw. The contest ends on August 18, 23.20 GMT when a winner will be drawn at random. Good luck!

Dress of the Week

Just saw this dress online and I’m all over it. Colour blocking is a huge trend for spring summer and everyone is in on it from catwalk to high street. I’ve seen some great colour block dresses from Igigi but this one from Yours wins the colour block prize hands down for style and affordability at the fantastic price of £20. TWENTY QUID! Perfect for dancing the night away. Available in sizes 16- 32. Click image for more info.

Last Minute Party Dresses

Oh no- its christmas next week! Oh no, its new year the following week, I’ve got nothing to wear! Well how about one of these?….


Or one of these? Igigi usually have a good range of evening and cocktail dresses and this year they don’t disappoint.