Its Almost Party Time!

I LOVE strapless dresses but I can’t wear them. I don’t mean that I can’t wear them in the way that I claimed I couldn’t wear a knitted dress a few weeks ago- I mean I REALLY can’t wear them. The boobies need more hoiking and more support than a strapless bra can offer and I don’t like the way a shrug looks with an industrial standard bra strap showing when you shimmy. Therefore- no strapless dresses for me 😦

However, I know there are lots of ladies out there who look great in them so this post is for you. Christmas is only 62 days away, not to mention NYE, so I have scoured the internet looking for the best in strap free party dresses with you all in mind. So grab some cash (credit cards are so passe), hit the shops and  go forth in all your bosomy glory. Make me proud!


One Comment on “Its Almost Party Time!”

  1. Hollie-Anne says:

    I have that first dress and wear it in a rather casual way. Sadly, it doesn’t stay up very well so maybe tape would be required?

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