Wishing you all a very…..

PS- and yes, I did make it myself 🙂


6 Comments on “Wishing you all a very…..”

  1. Happy Christmas, Deena! I’m mightily impressed by your cake-making skills!

  2. Dorez says:

    What a cute cake! And it was probably delicious! What kind of batter was it? You’re a woman of many talents!

    • Deena says:

      Thanks but I can’t take all the credit for it! It was fruit cake which I made under my mothers tutelage. I am rubbish at making fruit cakes. The decoration is all mine though 🙂

      • Dorez says:

        Oh, I see! Well, you and mom make a great team. :o)
        I love fruit cake, but have never seen one made like yours.
        Wish I could have had a slice. hahahaha

        Speaking of mother/daughter teamwork… My daughter is a fashion designer
        and I’ve been helping her with her clothing line. If you’d like to take a look,
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        Keep on doing the wonderful job you’re doing with your site. I get your blog
        in my email and I enjoy it so much!

      • Deena says:

        I will definitely be taking a look at your daughter’s site- and thank you!

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