Pat- a- Cake, Pat- a- Cake

Can you believe its Christmas already? It certainly doesn’t seem like 365 days since the last one and here we are again so soon.  For most of us it will be a 24 hour (at least) glut fest where we eat the traditional Christmas dinner followed by Christmas cake/ Christmas pudding and graze on Quality Street chocs throughout the day. However, I bet none of the cakes you eat will look like any of these…..

…. and if they did would you really want to eat them? These skillfully crafted cupcakes are an absolute delight to look at and I really don’t think I could bring myself to eat one of these beauties. If I had one of these I would sit it on my bookshelf and it would stay there til the end of time. Abby- the creator- has meticulously crafted each of these with so much love and attention, it would seem rude to destroy it by sinking your chops into it even though of course, thats the whole idea.  The baker, decorator and all round wondermaker of these adorably cute cakes goes by the moniker “abbietabbie” and isn’t a professional, but creates these mini culinary marvels as a hobby for friends and family. As well as doing cupcakes she also creates full sized cakes for any occasion and her photostream makes me think that she must be incredibly nimble fingered and possess the patience of a saint. I decorate the odd cake every now and then but my cake decorating skills are woefully inadequate compared to such greatness. To see abbietabbie’s Flickr photostream click here or on the image above, and try not to drool into your keyboard.


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