Let Me Upstage Ya

I don’t think that there is much by way of clothing that I shy away from anymore. My fondness of jumpsuits has reached legendary status, horizontal stripes have never fazed me (although they seem to alarm anyone looking at my stripe clad body), and bright colours and large prints are my happy place. Sequins however, have never featured on my clothing as anything more than a modest motif. Not because I have avoided them, but because I rarely go anywhere so glam that a full on sequin look wouldn’t be classed as overkill. Well having been inspired by many a fatshion blogger over the years who dares to go OTT in Tesco, baroque at the bus stop and slay in Sainsbury’s, I plan to follow suit and will be giving it loads in the living room on Christmas day. I know my family will wonder why I’m so extra but in a house with no Christmas tree or festive decorations of any sort, I’m planning to have all eyes on me and provide the sparkle that’s missing from the walls. My only concern is how close the pailettes can get to the oven before they buckle and warp, much like my inflated sense of importance.

Christmas Party New Year Plus Size Fashion Beloved Endeavour Red Sequin Dress

Christmas Party New YearPlus Size Fashion Beloved Endeavour Red Sequin Dress

Christmas Party Plus Size Fashion Beloved Endeavour Red Sequin Dress

Dress- Beloved Endeavour

Shoes- Simply Be

The Sequin Trim Dress- How Would You Wear Yours?

With a retro twist by adding a vintage shirt and shoes?


Ship shape nautical with a bright clutch and shoes?samarie2

A mixture of the two?samarie3

Or classic styling with a plain black bag and black heels? Share your thoughts!

Navy Samarie dress available now at belovedendeavour.com


Spring Sequins

As the song says,

“It may be winter outside, but in my heart it’s spring….”

So say Love Unlimited and so say I. Outside is frosty but the longer days are creeping in and I’m on the lookout for daffodils. Warmer weather is coming and I’m certainly ready with two new dresses at Beloved Endeavour.

Once upon a time sequins along with metallics were only seen in the autumn winter collections but now they have broken their own rules and are set to claim their space in our spring wardrobes. I’ve already worn the dress on the left- albeit with opaques and a cardi but I must say that the sequins jazzed up my winter mood. I wore it in the daytime too. What a rebel I am.

Both dresses available now.


Biting the Parrot

The Markus Lupfer collection of seqinned jumpers at Toppers had me swooning as soon as I clapped eyes on it. I like all the designs in the range but I have a special love for the parrot piece and could not rest until I created something similar.

£85, Topshop


I scoured Ebay looking for a similar motif….

$9.75, Carroll's Sequin Appliques on Ebay (click image to go straight there)


 …….bought a plain black tee from H&M and bish bash bosh-

Well no. There was no bish bash boshing at all as it took me me almost two and a half finger prickin’ hours to sew this bee-arch onto the tee, and I also added some turn ups while I was at it and stitched them down. Admittedly I was watching The Reaping on TV at the same time so was a little distracted by the swarming locusts and satanic villagers which is partially why it took so long. Having to stitch every leaf down would have taken me ages anyhow even without pausing every few minutes to look at Idris- hunk o love- Elba.

Shiny Happy People

Thats it- its OVER. Summer has come and gone in a matter of a few weeks and its not coming back til this time next year. I have been in denial for the past week which has caused my poor tootsies to get soaked through twice ’cause I was wearing sandals and got caught out in heavy downpours- but no more. I don’t know why I bother with the summer gear I really don’t. I’d only just decided it was bright enough to start carrying my white bag to work and now I’ve got to put it away again because the skies are grey. SIGH. Well I’m not going to complain anymore, I’m just gonna roll with the raindrops and start looking out for autumn winter clothes in the middle of July. SIGH.

One thing I am on the lookout for is a sequined blazer. I want one. BADLY. I ideally want a black one but silver or gold would suffice although gold or silver would require more effort to avoid looking like a game show host. Actually, what I REALLY want is this trompe l’oeil sequin jacket/ dress by Ashish. If this came in Deenasize I would consider sacrificing every single potential clothing purchase for an entire year to justify splurging on this. I’d even go up to 18 months and brown bag my lunch every single day. Seriously.

Image borrowed from vogue.co.uk

Image borrowed from vogue.co.uk

It will never be mine so instead I will sit and ogle the skirt in the ensemble below and think of autumn leaves and paillette dreams.



Tshirt- £12 Yours, Skirt- £119 Anna Scholz, Leggings- £15 Evans, Shoes- $39 Torrid, Bag- £22 Topshop