LADIES. Did you know that Irregular Choice carries shoes up to a size UK10??? SIZE TEN?!!

I have always loved Irregular choice shoes and have owned a couple of pairs in my life that I’ve worn into the ground. However, I’ve never been able to buy many because my feet are a size 8-9 and ultra wide to boot. I usually am restricted to gazing lovingly at them whenever I go to Schuh as their size 8 rarely fits. Thats pretty standard in most stores. Well I was in London a few days ago and popped into the I.C store in Camden for a general browse to tease myself to a higher degree and I noticed a pair of womens shoes on display that looked really big. I picked them up and they were indeed a size 43. I asked at the desk if only select styles went to a 43 and was told no- THEY ALL DO.

Wait- WHAT?!

Yes. Irregular Choice womens shoes go up to a size UK10/ 43. I nearly fell over and it was hard to contain myself. I would hear myself rambling at speed to the sales assistants who were probably wondering if I should even be allowed out on my own. You might all know this already as its not a new development but it was news to me. Mentally I spent about £1000 in a matter of seconds.

Another shoe brand I love is Office but Office don’t love me back. I’ve written to them before to complain about their very limited size 9 offering (standard styles in basic colours) and while I can’t remember the details of the response I got, several years later nothing has changed.

Now look at these…


All available in a size 10 on the IC website. Would I wear them all? No- but thats not the point. The point is that THEY ARE AVAILABLE. If IC can do this why can’t Office or Dune any other shoe shop? Plus size fashion has come a long way but larger size footwear is several steps behind. Irregular Choice is again going against the tide and showing their competitors how it’s done.


New Season Swagger

Farewell summer. It was nice knowing you but YAY to autumn! I’m a through and through summer soul, I love the sunshine on my bare arms, I love walking around in my shades and I love the long days. The only downside is that I wilt like a weed pretty quickly and while I may bounce out of the front door in the mornings, I shuffle back in the evening a hot flustered heap. The cooler weather is much kinder to me and I get to strut all day long which I just can’t do when its hot. These boots I bought a few weeks ago are perfect for strutting and unconsciously put a certain swagger in my step. You should see me, I treat every road like it’s a catwalk- it’s either the power of the booties or the animal power in of the big cat tights.

Boots from Evans

Tights from New Look last year