Obvious Really

Remember the snake print dress from the Evans blogger challenge? I’ve not worn it since. Why not? It’s too short. The first time I wore it I found that it rode up to a shorter length than I would like so it’s stayed in my wardrobe ever since. It would be fine with leggings or with some particularly skinny jeans but too short for me personally to wear as a dress, given that I don’t generally wear dresses shorter than knee-length.  Then this morning I had a brain wave. What if I dug out my £5 Next Clearance skirt from a couple of years ago and wore it with that? They both have a similar amount of flare so just maybe……..

Ya- hey! A much better length for me so today I wore it to church. The two hems are not quite parallel in this photo so I straightened them up a bit and took another photo..

Better. It worked a treat and kept me extra warm on a blustery day. Styled with my indispensable classic M&S cardi, Evans shoe boots and tights and the seemingly omnipresent gold ASOS belt that works with darn near everything it touches. Result.


7 Comments on “Obvious Really”

  1. Sarah says:

    Amazing idea! I will have to go through my closet tomorrow and see what I can rework as I run into that same problem more than a short girl should.

  2. Cara Sergio says:

    It totally works, and looks like the dress & skirt are meant to be worn together

  3. Jet says:

    Hey, this works perfectly! I’m going to try this in future. I hate it when skirts ride up.

  4. Ylenia says:

    I love snake print clothes!!! and yur dress is gorgeous 🙂

  5. This is a brilliant idea! I’m looking at my own wardrobe with fresh eyes!

  6. Allthiscake says:

    GREAT IDEA! You look beautiful. 🙂

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