Scissors, Paper, Stone.

I have a new blogger crush and her name is Andrea. Actually no, it’s not the blogger I have a crush on its her blog, but I guess I can’t crush on the blog without loving the person behind it too. The site is Paper Sparrow and it’s simply sublime.

Andrea is an artist and serious crafter who makes me wish I could give up my day job and spend my time just making stuff. My favourite posts by her are the DIY projects as seen above where she creates her own stamp blocks and upcycles clothing and accessories by printing them with all manner of interesting and individual motifs, from animals to piano keys and beyond. Andrea also has an Etsy shop selling her wares which includes jewellery and postcard size prints. Check it out here.

3 Comments on “Scissors, Paper, Stone.”

  1. bonkasaurus says:

    super cool! I am all about diy

    -Bianca at

  2. Dolly Pop! says:

    Wow, interesting. Will definitely be checking her blog out.


  3. Thanks so much for drawing my attention to this blog. I love her work!

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