Evans Styling Challenge

I’m always up for a challenge so when Evans set me the task of styling this snake print dress for their blogger challenge I jumped to it. It’s only recently that I’ve made friends with animal prints as I used to avoid them. Now we have come to a mutual understanding- I’ll embrace you into my wardrobe as long as you’re not too loud and attention grabbing. So here we have snake print in monochrome tones. This I can do. I decided to err on the side of caution and not wear much jewellery apart from a pair of my favourite earrings. I think this busy print is all the accessorising I need. I really dislike wearing black or grey from head to toe so I thought I’d break it all up with burgundy tights and a vintage clutch with flashes of burgundy on it. If you ever catch me wearing head to toe black you know I definitely woke up in a bad mood and you should bring me cheesecake. Immediately. Where cheesecake is not instantly available chocolate is an acceptable alternative.

This is my second foray into animal print territory and I’m liking it more each time I try. The dress is comfy, stretchy and the snake print has the added bonus of disguising any creases so it doesn’t need much ironing- what more can a girl ask for?

Dress: Evans

Waistcoat- Very Old New Look

Shoes- Evans

Bag- Thrifted

Tights- We Love Colours (I think)

Earrings: Etsy

12 Comments on “Evans Styling Challenge”

  1. Francesca says:

    Love those tights and that bag with your outfit.

  2. Very nifty accessorising there!

    I tried that dress on last week and I couldn’t work out whether it was meant to be loose and oversized or whether the one I tried on was incorrectly labeled. I tried on a 20 as they didn’t have one in a 22 and it literally hung off me – like 3-sizes-too-big hung off me. Did I find a dud or is it meant to fit like that?

    • Deena says:

      I usually wear a 26 but I deliberately ordered a size 22/24 in this dress because size 26 jersey clothes are ALWAYS too big for me. A size 26 in anything non stretchy always fits fine. I think retailers think that we don’t ever want anything stretchy to cling- not even a little bit to the point of actually FITTING. 😦 Mine fits perfectly. Its fitted but not too tight. I really would not want it any bigger.

  3. rawrr says:

    you make me want to man up and try some animal prints… which is big.

    great job with that bag!!

  4. Evans says:

    You look great in the dress – and we love the burgundy accessories!

  5. Hello Diane – it was lovely to meet you today at the Bloggers day – thought I’d come and say hi! Loving your styling.xx

  6. […] the snake print dress from the Evans blogger challenge? I’ve not worn it since. Why not? It’s too short. The first time I wore it I found that […]

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