More Shoe DIY- Decoupage

I’m on a DIY shoe roll, this time courtesy of . This takes me right back to my school days when I used to use this method to cover pencilcases, ringbinders and diaries. As I’m a hoarder I still have the ringinders- not only for the sake of nostalgia- they are actually in use.

I think I’ve got a pair of plain black court shoes languishing on top of my wardrobe (if I didn’t give them to charity) so I may have to dig them out and wave my magic DIY wand over them.

Click image for details.

Image from

Image from

5 Comments on “More Shoe DIY- Decoupage”

  1. magickalrealism says:

    This is truly an awesome project – brava!

  2. lifestartsnow says:

    if you do this with your shoes i’d love to see that!!! now i’m trying to find a pair of shoes that is worthy of such a project! ~ franzi

  3. Deborah-lee says:

    I’m sure I’d wear the shoes and all my hard work would be peeling off by the end of the day (or it would rain and they’d be floating down the gutters :()

    Would seriously love to see how you go with it though. If it is successful it’s just the kind of something wonderful I’d love to try out.

  4. chelsea says:

    I might try this, but feel they will fail english weather.

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