That Bucket woman- A Bonmarche Review

I’m not very good at taking my own advice. I get a fair few number of emails from readers asking me where to shop for clothes and I always tell them not to rule out any stores because you never know what you may find, even if you only find one gem in five years- still keep going in.

One shop I never go into is Bonmarche. It’s my mother’s favourite clothing store. My mother is 82. I am not. My mother used to be a C&A fanatic but since they closed down all British stores some years ago, Bonmarche has taken up the gauntlet and she gets all her embroidered tshirts and microfibre jackets from there. They would never have anything suitable for a bright not-so-young- thing like me. Or so I thought.

I was recently contacted by Bonmarche to review an item and my first thought was “Yehright” but before I hit send on the “yehright” email I thought I’d check out the site. Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised. Not knocked off my seat by the edgy fashion forward styles, more raised eyebrows that there were items there I would actually wear. Like this dress…

 Mrs Bucket1

Mrs Bucket4

…from their David Emanuel range. I’m trying to stay away from mock wrap front dresses but they work so well for the big of boob that they’re hard to stay away from. I wore this today and might even have gotten away with not wearing a vest underneath if I wasn’t on my way to church and trying to exercise a little modesty. A comfy dress in a great length and fab print. My only complaint is that a longer peplum would have given the dress a better, more on trend silhouette and maybe balanced out my big boobs a little more, but I’m very pleased with it and will be wearing this frock until its threadbare.

PS- I must remember to remove the bucket from my photo spot. No-one wants to see that. Apologies.

Items of the Week 03/03/2014

ASOS CHECK SUITTop- £32, Asos Curve

Skirt: £38, Asos Curve

Going loopy for Lupita

What do you get when you merge the newest style slayer of the year, with the creativity and imagination of a four year old?

Lupita Inspiration

But Lupita Nyongo isn’t the only star to inspire this four year old girl.

White Dress Flower dress

The dresses are made from paper and are the result of a mother/ daughter collaboration, although there are some that the daughter has made on her own. Not all the creations are celeb influenced. My favourite one is this number, inspired by an aquarium visit.

sharkStep away from the iPad, DS, the Vita and all the other technological distractions. Paper and scissors are making a comeback.

For full story see The Huffington Post.

Item of the week 18/02/14

Peplum Biker

A peplum biker jacket in a delicious colour. Masterstroke. £60, Simply Be

Cutting a Dash

Is it spring yet? It should be. Spring really ought to start on January 2nd with longer days and warmer weather. That way, by the time collections like this drop in February….

Evans The Cut

…the weather is ready for the explosion of colour, feel great optimism and all round joy.

But the reality is that the country is sinking under a deluge of water with no respite in sight. My showerproof coat is putting in crazy overtime and desperately trying to live up to its title that’s been relentlessly tested over recent weeks. I’ve got a terrible cold and haven’t been to work for two days and am so cold at night I’m sleeping in my fluffy dressing gown and wishing it had a hood. Spring has definitely not sprung but when it does, I’m coming for the aqua trousers and shirt, the cardigan and the geometric skirt and top.

What do you think of the range? Love it? Hate it?

Blurred Lines- a note to self

Deena you dimwit, what on earth is the actual matter with you? The whole idea behind the Fabric Utilisation Scheme is that you use up the fabric that you already have in the house, NOT that you bend like a hairpin every time you go past the fabric store and see something so lovely that you couldn’t possibly go home without it. The objective- the objective that you set your own darn self- is to liberate the ever increasing stockpile, not add more stock to the pile.

Honeydarling, you are going to have to try so much harder if you wish to ever see the bottom of your billy bookcase again. You are simply going to have to stop going loopy over cotton poplin prints like this,


and this,


and this,



cottonpop4…if this whole idea is gonna work. On the bright side- you did use the last one immediately and created this,



in a size 24, with another one in size 20 on the way. But really Dee, you need to work on your resolve.

Beloved Endeavour on Etsy

The Fresh Princess

Fresh princess

Jacket- Courtesy of Simply Be

Jeans- Courtesy of Simply Be

Tshirt- Apartment 349

Boots- Old Evans, dyed red

I wasn’t really sure this outfit worked when I first put it on, but by the end of the day I felt it was a shame to take it off. I first saw the jacket at a Simply Be preview event and fell for it immediately so it was only a matter of time before I snapped one up. The jeans are from their Truly Wow slim leg range and fit like a glove. There are seam along the back legs that  I initially didn’t like at all but they really do help these jeans to fit snugly without being too tight. However much I love the bomber and jeans, the jewel in the outfit crown is the tshirt…

VC_store_image_white VC_store_image_greyFrom first click to shopping cart within a couple of minutes. Never has a tee spoken such volumes about my youth as this. Like many people I grew up watching the Cosby Show and as a child with no sisters I would dream of being adopted into the female heavy Huxtable household, with big sister Denise and twin sister Vanessa (we’re approx the same age). Later on I got hooked onto the Fresh Prince and loved Will’s school blazer with the funky lining and did a similar thing with my schoolbag. This tshirt was coming to my house, come what may.

I was a little doubtful the XXL would fit but it fits perfectly. Most of the sizes are sold out but there are still some XL and XXL left- grab them while you can and join me on my retrospective ride.

Vivian and Clair- Apartment 349



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