Item of the Week 29/10/15


£45, Cut for Evans


I’m not someone to document every little thing I eat but I couldn’t help but take photos at a meal I was served at The Botanist in Birmingham.

bot6Yes. That is a shovel. An actual garden shovel. Proving that there is such a thing as taking a theme too far. The soup served in a flowerpot shaped mug was fine but an actual garden tool?

It was my first trip to The Botanist and I’d been looking forward to visiting it since I discovered it a few weeks ago and was struck by the eyecatching wrought iron gates at the front and the inviting terrace.

Image from

Image from

I was instantly smitten with the olde worlde feel of the place and on my visit yesterday I liked it even more. The food wasn’t as fancy as I expected and prices were reasonable though the OTT presentation of some of it made me feel that they were trying a little bit too hard. My starter in the shovel- garlic mushrooms- was lovely though the stupid thing kept rocking as I was trying to eat. My main was a selection of four items from a choice of 21, served with freshly baked bread on a wooden slab which was a lot less problematic than the dratted shovel.

Would I go back? Definitely. It was a relaxing and charming experience, the staff were very accommodating and friendly without being too saccharine and I loved the interior. However next time I visit, #WeWantPlates.

bot5 bot4 bot3 bot1

The Dark Knight

New handmade items in the shop this week….


Item of the Week 23/10/15


£129, Ronen Chen at Evans


£129 Ronen Chen at Evans

Yours and Mine with Extra Booty

Can I just blow my own trumpet for a moment? I do absolutely love my new Beloved Endeavour velveteen skirt. I’ve worn it twice in the past week and each time I’ve worn it I’ve paired it with a shirt from Yours (the white one is here, and the print one is here) and a bit of ribbon from the haberdashery department at House Of Fraser.


I look a bit of a mess but this was taken after I’d returned from a day at work so forgive me.

Yours is steadily going up in my estimation (although they do slide down again every time I see a butterfly motif top in store). I used to really dislike its dark stores that were inundated with black clothes (and there still is masses of black) but the Bullring store is much brighter and more welcoming than the Merry Hill one so I tend to go in more. The quality is still hit and miss but I like that they have a huge selection of items for various occasions. Evans pips them to the post because the quality is better, I love the designer collaborations and I prefer the whole “feel” of Evans stores.

Extra Booty

I definitely wasn’t feeling as miserable as I look. I was having a great day!

The second outfit is my favourite as I think the white shirt might look a bit too waitressy with the bow. I was told I looked like the KFC colonel by someone who has about as much style as an old paper bag, but I enjoyed wearing it anyhow. The jacket is about 5 years old from New Look with my trusted DM boots which were perfect for stomping around London (I was at the Textile Forum Fabric Show)

PS- I could easily have cropped the bending over woman from the image but I find her quite amusing so she stays.

New Shop Items- Vintage Bags


burg23 snake1 snake3New shop items added! The black handbag is a brand new unused and very rare vintage bag by Mappin & Webb with the mirror still in the original wazxed paper. Please click on images for further info.

Big brand inclusion- for a change

jobsI saw this in House of Fraser a few days ago and it stopped me in my tracks. A recruitment advert featuring a plus sized woman where they could easily have used a smaller model. It might be one in a series though I’ve not seen any other ads in the store and this one was in the men’s dept which makes me think it might not be. Unless……. they put the fat woman in with the men and the size 8 version of the poster on the popular women’s fashion floor. Hmmm… I hope I’m just over thinking the issue and that’s not really the case. I hope my original thought, that HoF used a larger model with integrity is a true telling of what actually happened. If that’s the case HoF then it’s a job well done. Can we now have some more bigger clothes too? Chesca is fine but I’m not 70 and I’m not the mother of the bride. Ta.


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