*Whisper* Happy 10th Birthday to us


No fanfare, no flashing lights, no party, just a single cupcake to acknowledge the fact that Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too is ten today. Ten years ago today I decided to start a blog simply because the type of blog I wanted to read didn’t exist already so I thought I’d create it myself. Its been a fabulous ride and I have met some great people (I love meeting bloggers, its like the computer has come to life), bagged oodles of free clothes and attended some fab events. I even became a paid and published writer which is something I never envisaged. I’ve been on the telly, in magazines and newspapers and at times it has all been quite surreal. Over the past few years this blog has gathered a lot of dust but I don’t think I’m ready to pull the plug and shut up shop just yet. Its kind of like having a trusted old friend who you don’t see often but its great when you do get together and catch up. Others may not consider them to be the coolest, but their value is greater than gold.

This blog also serves as a reminder to me about the 9/11 attacks. At the time of starting the site I hesitated. I wondered if it would be wise to start something like this on the anniversary of of such a major tragedy. Maybe I should wait until the 12th- or next week I thought. After much contemplation I went ahead. 9/11 was, and still is a stark reminder to me of the fragility of life. How precious and fleeting we are and how easy it is to talk ourselves out of our dreams as we focus on the potential pitfalls and not the opportunities that may lie ahead. If you have something you want to do or achieve just go head and do it without delay. You may never get another chance.

Lastly I want to thank you all for visiting. Whether you have passed by once or 248 times- thank you. I see you and I appreciate you.


Now you are five

I can hardly believe that this month marks five whole years since this blog started. We’re all used to the old adage that time flies when you’re having fun, but seriously- five years? If my blog was a child he or she would be about to start school. If it was a marriage we’d we celebrating our wooden anniversary, and if it was a wine it would be nicely mature. It really makes me think about what direction I want to go in next.

I’ve met some great people over the past five years, and had some fantastic opportunities like appearing on the telly, writing for an online magazine, meeting up with other bloggers that I love, going to press days and preview events- and of course- all the freebies! Who doesn’t like freebies? Freebies don’t drive me but they are certainly a bonus.

I’ve had an absolute ball, truly and I want to thank you all for your support. Every reader, commenter, every person who’s sent me an email, shared a link to this blog, or told someone about it. a big, superhuge THANK YOU. You make a difference.

Here comes the good part.

To celebrate, and say thank you again, I’ll be running a series of contests throughout the month of September with a variety of different prizes. Like I said- who doesn’t like a freebie? Watch this space for more info.


Birmingham Streetstyle Blog! *gasp*

Oh happy day! Here I am ambling around cyberspace counting down til my midnight bedtime and I stumbled upon this- Birlook– a brand spanking streetstyle blog based in Brum. Hooray! There are no actual photos on there yet as the blog was only started yesterday by the looks of things, but I am very much looking forward to seeing who gets shot (in the photographic sense of course, you maniacs). Blog administrator, Coral Stars. I admit- London is the country’s epicentre for interesting quirky streetstyle looks, but Brumington has its own headturners too. There are a few people I have in mind who I just KNOW whill turn up in this blog at some point- the woman with the winged eyeliner and Heidi of the hills hair, for example, who¬†can sometimes be seen sporting a long cornflower blue leather coat. You know who you are- I think you’re fab.