Peplum Prototype 2

So. I tried again. Different fabric this time as I had no black fabric to hand, but you know what- I love it! I bought this fabric for something else but I think it works for this also.

What are your thoughts on the shorter length, the shape (I cut it into a fuller shape to create more ruffles), and  the pattern?

From the front…


…and with the belt the other way around….

….. and here is a close up of the buckle.

I might try and close up the gap a little but there still needs to be some gap there to allow for size adjustments.

Oh- and thanks again for the feedback!

15 Comments on “Peplum Prototype 2”

  1. ScarlettHeartt says:

    Oh this one rocks! It looks magnificent!

  2. Paprika says:

    Love it the second way round with the gap in the middle!

  3. simonesmom says:

    That is awesome. I love the contrast the bright fabric creates, and the ruffles and length are great. I didn’t like the last one at all. This one’s fabulous!

  4. Kim says:

    I like it! With the buckle to the front, it reminds me of some of the dresses being offered at Elloqui. Very nice!

  5. This one is perfect! I would definitely wear it!

  6. Xsyntriq says:

    This peplum is 100% win!!!
    Love the plaid, love the shorter length, love the fuller ruffle, especially love the buckle in the front.
    Congrats on your success 🙂

  7. HoneyB says:

    I really like this one, I love the color plaid splash the length & the fullness of the ruffle. I would wear it.

  8. How clever! I’d wear it both ways.

  9. Vanessa says:

    That would look even more awesome on a white background. Those colors would POP!

  10. Style4Curves says:

    It’s really cute!!!

  11. HAYDEE HIRSCH says:

    Nice peplum belt for someone with narrow hips, but sorry, for wide hips, it makes them look wider:-(

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