The Peplum Project

So- remember my peplum belt project from a couple of months back? I ‘ve not given you any further updates as I’ve been so snowed under with work that I’ve hardly had the time for creative pursuits, so it all had to take a back seat for a while. Well for 2013 I am MAKING time. Life is too darn short to always prioritise what I need to do above what I want to do, so this year I’m working on getting more balance in my life, starting with belt making.

I’ve long been a fan of Marie Denee’s Curvy Fashionista blog and know that she loves belts so I thought I’d make one, send it to her and get some feedback from a true belt lover. You all said it needed to be shorter so I shortened it. You said it needed more ruffles and volume so did that too. Hey presto- a finished wearable belt that I’m happy with, and more importantly, Marie is happy with it too and has posted photos on her blog!





A MAJOR thank you to Marie for her support!

So what do you think? Does the gap bother you? Thoughts please!

PS- Thanks for all your help so far and thanks for voting for me in the Navabi blog contest in November- forgot to say that at the time.


Peplum Practice Prototype 3

Thanking you all so much for your feedback so far but we’re not through yet! Here is the latest version on the peplum belts theme. Hot pink metallic fabric. Thoughts please!

Peplum Prototype 2

So. I tried again. Different fabric this time as I had no black fabric to hand, but you know what- I love it! I bought this fabric for something else but I think it works for this also.

What are your thoughts on the shorter length, the shape (I cut it into a fuller shape to create more ruffles), and  the pattern?

From the front…


…and with the belt the other way around….

….. and here is a close up of the buckle.

I might try and close up the gap a little but there still needs to be some gap there to allow for size adjustments.

Oh- and thanks again for the feedback!

Peplum Practice- I need your help!

Brother: What is that, an apron?

Me: It’s a peplum belt

Brother: A what plum?

Me: *sigh* just take the photo and stop talking.

After a long hiatus I’m back making belts (among other things, but more on that later!) and this is my latest prototype- the peplum belt. I wore it to church this past weekend and got a few positive comments. It’s made from firm leather and satin and is adjustable. What are your thoughts? Would you wear it? Is it too long? More ruffles? What other colours and fabrics would you like to see? Comments please!

The rest of the outfit-

Dress- ASOS

Overblouse- Last years Evans

Shoes- Evans via Ebay

Bag- Vintage

Katie Wears My Belt!

I’m sitting here clapping like a seal because the eternally well dressed Katie from What Katie Wore is wearing one of my belts and making it look fantastic!-  of course its fantastic anyhow, 🙂 but Katie is injecting an extra double dose of fantasismo. Thank you Katie and Joe!

Belts still available in The Shop and there are still new belts on the way- bear with me!

Belt Giveaway!

I’m going through another all black phase that I seem to remember also going through around this time last year…

….this time round I think it’s the result of all the Twilight and True Blood I’ve been absorbing of late.

Jumpsuit- Evans

Jacket- Evans

Bag- Borrowed/ stolen/ liberated from my mom’s wardrobe

Shoes- Evans (yes, most of my clothes come from this one store)

Necklace- Mikey

Belt- Made by me!……. which is where the “giveaway” bit comes in.

Oh yes ladies, I am having a giveaway! I’ve started making belts (again)which will be available to purchase online from Saturday and between now and then I’m giving you the chance to win the one pictured…

…This belt comprises of strips of ribbon stitched to a black leather base and lined with satin. The ribbon is on the front half only and the back half is elastic with a press stud fastening. Belt will be custom-made to fit.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me how you would wear this belt and on what occasion. The contest ends on Saturday 7th November, 21.00 GMT when a winner will be chosen. Good luck!