Evans/ Beth Ditto Preview!

Oh man, I’m so happy. The sun is out, I’ve been walking in the park and to top it off THERE’S A PREVIEW OF THE BETH DITTO COLLECTION FOR EVANS IN THE NEWSPAPER!!!!

Sorry for shouting but I can’t help it! Every time I catch a peek of it online I smile so this spread had me positively squealing! Enough of the talk- here are the pics!!!

PS- The strapless print dress from the last post and that is also in the first image is from the range too. Remember me saying last week that I was looking for a similar style of dress in a loud 80’s print? Well I think I’ve found it!

The images are all scans from Style which is the supplement that accompanies the Sunday Times newspaper. Aside from pics of two items I’ve seen online, this is the largest preview I’ve seen and its made me even more impatient to see what the entire collection looks like instore. I am circling the dress from the front cover, the two tone shoes and the face dress. Oh, and the photos are by Rankin. It doesnt get any better. OMG, I need a lie down…..

31 Comments on “Evans/ Beth Ditto Preview!”

  1. christina says:

    o.m.g.! my week has been made. i think that i need to save every penny i can before july 9th!

  2. Clare says:

    Ooh I’m quite glad the only thing I’m lusting after so far is that purple dress from the online preview and that cropped jacket. Otherwise I’d have to buy EVERYTHING haha

  3. rahana says:

    so exciteddddd ^__^ just w8in inpatiently :O hurryyyy!!!

  4. BigBeauty says:

    Yeah, I love it all!!!!

    I have a question, can i use the pictures of Beth Ditto collection for my fashion blog? here in France, there are no news about this collection.

    thank you.

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to scan the images! I’ve used them for my blog and linked back to yours. 🙂

    The cropped jacket is awesome! Also lusting after that black dress.

  6. Lauren says:

    Gah, so exciting! I want almost all of it – going to be very broke (and very similarly dressed to a lot of other fatshionista’s) this summer! x

  7. trashcangirl says:

    I love the collection! It looks great and very hip.

  8. The other night when I was door bitch\’n this guy called me Beth Ditto. I wasn\’t too thrilled about it as to me that\’s a lazy comparison…ohhh she\’s fat yet dressed cool = Beth Ditto. I don\’t look anything like her. Luckily my costume included a whip! I do love her though.

    Also looking through your blog, I love it. Your lucky that in the UK you have a plus size high street store that seems to have cool on trend stuff (Evans?). We don\’t have that in Australia. The fat chick chain stores are mainly targeted at the over 40 crowd, with price tags to match.

    • Deena says:

      Ha! Hope he caught the sharp end of it!

      If I was that lucky sod Euromillions winner from last week who scooped £25m I would start my own fat chick chainstore, no joke!

  9. […] tide began to turn when I saw the previews for her new line for Evans on Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too! and The Musings of a Fatshionista. Her line is amazing: the domino leggings, the cropped biker […]

  10. Honey wants to talk to Sir Phillip says:

    the Beth Ditto Collection
    for fat or big women is gonna be like Crack to crack fiends

    I will beg steal and borrow and save up every penny i have to get my fashion fix

    there is nothing out there on the high street for cutting edge 16-30’s NOTHING!

    Beth Ditto is the saving grace, the stupid owner of Evans who also owns Topshop!!!??! usually wants all fat people to dress in disgusting frumpy old peoples clothes…i dont know whats come over him Sir Phillip Green is showing mercy to big women for once. Beth Ditto is amazingly cool meanwhile Evans has no cool whatsoever.

    Sir Phillip why dont you make Evans for middle of the road/safe/wanna blend in big women or elderly big women (cos thats what its like already if were honest)
    and launch a new cuuting edge, statement clothing Plus size highstreet store with Beth Ditto at the helm …either her or me I can design for you- I’d make u so much cash- i dare u. or better yet do a reality show to find your next Fatshionista/Big girl fashion Muse to help with designs.

    Big women WANT HIGH FASHION TOO!!!!! we wanna be edgy etc god dammit! like yesterday!!
    big women have money too dont u want it?

    • Deena says:

      Honey, you should write to him and tell him- Seriously! An additional store with edgy plus size clothing would have its tills ringing all day long. There is no other retailer catering to this specific market so this new concept store would just clean up.

      • Honey wants to talk to Sir Phillip says:

        Thank you Deena, I may have to
        i’ve been waiting all my life i suppose for cutting edge high fashion that will fit me. for all the size discrimination in the fashion Industry to shops and for a law to be passed that would make it compulsory for ALL fashion stores to have to make their sizes go up to Size 22.

        …it never happened

        I’ve seen girls cry in Evans its that bad. I’ve done it myself. Big women have to be their own Stylists it can be very very tiring.

        Their is a great big fat niche in this market.
        I know that the fashion industry is controlled by the top fashion designers that sell their designs down to cheaper stores ….then the cheaper other designers in the cheaper stores rework the designs…..right down to Primark and Asos etc but thats how the high fashion top labels make there money.

        but they dont sell their designs down to Evans because they do not want fat people walking around in there clothes I think they feel Fat or big women will take away from their cool. (Fashion is elitist, sizist & racist and evrything else)
        the Fashion game needs a deisign whizz kid that can stay ahead (even tho the top fashion labels that wont sell their designs down to them to re-work) and feels passionate about big women. hmm maybe it might have to be….I’ll i kno is the one that does it first will make millions.

      • Deena says:

        The high end designers don’t sell their designs to the high street stores, the high street just rips them off left right and centre which is why designers are forever suing high street retailers for breach of copyright.

        I think that one of the problems is that plus size retailers don’t do any research in their target market and to find out what we want to wear and they design reluctantly, creating what they think we should be seen in rather than what we want. I agree, you have to be passionate about plus sizes to be a good plus size designer but I think some designers just see it as a poor second choice to the size 8 figures that they would rather create fashion for and don’t do it with their hearts.

      • Honey wants to talk to Sir Phillip says:

        Think about it….

        How would the top fashion labels ever make any money if they did not sell their designs on.

        they wouldnt
        Apart from a few rich people buying it straight off the catwalk that would be enough sales to sustain the top labels

        The High fashion labels are a facade they evoke an unobtainable luxury high fashion couture image of their choice….(which usually manifests itself in human form as white tall and skinny people only)

        then they sell their designs on

        The Fashion Industry doesnt want people to know this because it would ruin the luxurious elitist brands they have lovingly worked so hard to preserve…the labels wouldnt b as desirable.

        Copyright suits Schnopyright schnuits
        its just a facade I’m tellin ya

        Theres only so much cash to be made from Perfume etc
        but really tho those Labels are powerful corporations that entirely dictate what we all end up wearing. These companies are so powerful and rich thats why they

        Plus the powers that be choose what is going to be the trends for many seasons to come.

        Fashion Industry encourages Sizism & Racism infact its one of the only arenas where its actually acceptable to discriminate against non-white people over a size 8, they seem to thrive on being discriminatory it fuels them they all cowardly blame eachother for their misgivings. anyone who doesnt believe in their philosphy and ideals of beauty rarely penetrate the fashion club. they are like free masons lol

        Anyway back to beth
        Beth got in thru the Back door way (with the undesirable shop of torture we know as Evans) i applaud her love her…no other label was gonna touch this project with a barge pole

      • Deena says:

        Thats certainly an interesting theory. I still don’t believe that designers sell their designs on to make money but if you’re talking about couture houses- they are definitely struggling these days and the number of couturiers dwindles with every passing year. Only this year Christian Lacroix had to file for bankruptcy as they are losing money hand over fist. Times have changed and no one is buying the £20,000 dresses the way they were before- even before the recession.

        As for the ready to wear designer collections- they can’t really afford to get too complacement either because even the rich people are holding their purses a bit tighter too although there are still enough who are ready to drop £500 on a dress. Sales at net- a porter are soaring.

        Fashion really is like a private members club (dunno about the secret handshake though!) where there is discrimination against race, size and age. You could be waiting forever for the doors to open for you- you have to Bruce Lee kick them open for yourself.

  11. Honey wants to talk to Sir Phillip says:

    i digress…in short Beth Ditto’s new collection is sick, but how could it not be?

  12. Leanne says:

    Im impressed, it will be so good to wear oversized knits which will actually be oversized on me, the cat print is fab!

    Bigger girls have to work so much harder to find good clothes usually having to resort to making our own, it will make a refreshing change to be able to go into a shop and buy a full outfit.

    We should be given more credit because being a stylish big girl takes tonnes more imagination.

    Thanks Beth xx

  13. Evans worker says:


    I actually work for Evans and have done so for quite some time now. In the past we have always had to sit back and watch as the other brands within the chain have got all the attention, i.e Topshop with Kate Moss and Dorothy Perkins with Gok Wan etc. But thankfully they’ve finally realised that us big girls actually want to share in the joy of being able to be equal for once. We do our best with the ranges we have, but a lot of the time we cringe when deliveries arrive and you just know the new lines are aimed at the older generations.

    Be warned though ladies this range is not available in all Evans stores. It’s only going out to a select few and mine is not one of them. So I beg of you all, get out there and spend your coinage on these great new lines so that Sir Phillip will realise he needs the range in all stores and my delivery days will get a whole heap happier.

    Happy shopping all but those dominoe leggings are mine!

  14. Evans worker says:

    Oh and also to the lady that said they have nothing available of this sort in Australia, check the website it delivers to Aus!

  15. Dides says:

    All I wanted was to try them on..so I left work early tonight to head to the flagship Evans store in Marble Arch. The collection was displayed in the main window and right inside the door…but no sizes over 28. I asked why…oh no, we don’t stock those, you have to order them online…if they don’t fit you can return to them any store. Brilliant…they had tons of size 16s and 18s but hardly anything in the larger end of the range…which is where Beth’s size is. Even now there is discrimination ..do they think the larger girls don’t want to go out and be seen in public on the high street? I said it was disgraceful and walked out. Well they won’t get my hard-earned money.

    • Deena says:

      You know what- when I was shopping today I noticed that there were no size 30 or 32 on a couple of the rails but I didn’t think anything of it- I just thought they were missing or had been sold. I didn’t check all the rails because I didn’t think they were deliberately omitted from the in store collection. I am incredibly surprised and very disappointed by this and will try to get an answer from them as to why this is because its plain wrong.

  16. Emerald says:

    Be warned though ladies this range is not available in all Evans stores. It’s only going out to a select few and mine is not one of them.

    Evans Worker, I just found that out today – I hadn’t looked on the website closely before I popped my head in a store in Ipswich, only to find the nearest pair of domino leggings I can actually try on before buying will be at Bluewater. That’s almost a 100 mile drive from me over the Thames. (Yes, the assistants in that Evans were pretty annoyed about it themselves – according to them, it’s common that stuff featured in your campaigns is only available at ‘selected stores.’) We have Evans outlets in my nearest stamping-grounds, Norwich and Cambridge, but they’re not among the ones featured.

    Is there ANY way that those of us in less urban areas (especially those of us in East Anglia – we seem to be very much the poor relations) might succeed in getting Evans to stock this stuff in places we can get to? Because I just know if I contact them they’ll tell me to ‘Buy it online’, which is fast becoming an excuse for some clothing stores not actually stocking bigger sizes at all. I know that with my weird shape (size 18 with a very small waist and hollow back above a sticky-out tum) I have to try pants on before I buy them, and I hate mail-ordering stuff only to have to send it back. Is there a solution?

  17. big and tall says:

    Love the blog …Love the pics.. Love the clothes and I love the fact that you love being in them…. Love it.

  18. […] I miss my point completely…every so often, Evans sucks me back in. Last year it was their amazing collaboration with Beth Ditto were they produced shapely, figure hugging dresses. (Apparently, she will be back in 2010. […]

  19. charra18 says:

    These clothes are gorgeous how can I get them?

  20. krystal says:

    I cannot find beths clothing line at all, Is it because im in australia??? Please someone give me a link cant find anything point me in the right direction on the evans online site

    • Deena says:

      Hi Krystal. Unfortunately there is no Beth Ditto line this season 😦 There was a range in Summer 2009 and Autumn 2010 but nothing this year. Sob!

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