Beth Forever


The new Beth Ditto range has launched and just look at the prints.



A quirky print will always catch my eye so this pencil shaving print has me aching for payday. Apart from being quirky, its also in my favourite colour so its a double win!


Fun prints would have to be styled in a fun lookbook and thats exactly what Madame Beth has done. There’s a relaxed girlie sleepover- after -a -night -out vibe in the photoshoot that is styled with some fantastic shoes (where are they from?) and a lighthearted spirit.

fun1 fun2 fun3

I don’t know where they’ve all been and what they got up to but I kinda wish I was there with them! The collection is available now and you can view it here. What do you think of it?


More Beth than you can handle

I’m in full Beth Ditto overdrive. I went back to Selfridges yesterday to eye up/ drool over the BD range. Again. On my return it was good to see that Selfridges had put a few pieces onto mannequins but I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t beg/ borrow/ steal a couple of plus sized dummies.



The range isn’t there in its entirety and annoyingly, they only have two of each of the pieces that they  do have in stock so of course there isn’t even a full size set in ANYTHING. No sizes 26 or 28 in any of the fitted items so I coudn’t even try them on. What this means is that if I want to buy a piece I will have to go online. Selfridges will say the collection didn’t sell instore and any future BD collections will be relegated to online only. Am I just being cynical?

On the plus side, (boom! a pun) I had a bit more time than last week so was really able to pore over the collection and you know what? Its really well made using great fabrics. The Lola dress and skirt are made from a very sturdy modal, nylon and elastane mix and they are lined as well. As it says on the Selfridges website- “…..provides shaping without the need for shapewear” and that’s the truth. Even the pockets are lined and thats something you don’t often get at standard high street level.

Have you copped the detailing on the Nina dress collar?




Have any of you lovely readers bought anything yet?


I’ve been changed/ Item of the Week

I officially retract what I said in my last post about not liking the bubble hem. I’ve tried it and I’m sold. And it has pockets.


£260, Selfridges

Beth Ditto- The return


So the fashion line of the year has launched and it really has got people talking.

“I love it!”

“Why are the prices so high?””

“That jumpsuit looks like a trash bag”

“Love the prints”

“HOW MUCH for leggings?”

Talk about a plus size collection being divisive. As for me- I mostly love it. I love that Beth has delved into design waters without the cushioning of a big company like Evans, I love that she is keeping production in NYC, and I love that print above that has been described by Jezebel as,

…looks like a control panel from a spaceship in some 1980s sci-fi movie concept artwork…

Beam me up Scottie.

As well as the control panel print I especially like this…


I’m a sucker for dresses with pockets and  I love the boldness of an all white dress. I’m not keen on the bubble hems or the translucent jumpsuit but I’m sure the are those that love them. The main complaint from people seems to be about the prices but Beth responds perfectly on her Facebook page,

….The clothes were sewn in NYC in very small quantities, using quality fabrics in custom digital prints. The jumpsuits are a massive amount of fabric, 7 yards of 100% silk. I’ve learned a lot through this process about how much it costs to make high quality, sweatshop free clothing, which I think plus size girls deserve like everyone else. We’ve kept the prices as low as possible, and hope you’ll stick with us as we start to be able to produce in larger numbers to keep costs even lower.

Quality fabric, local production and small quantities don’t come with a high street price tag. Throw custom digital prints into the mix and you will definitely have to dig a little deeper than normal but you know whats good? We have the option for high quality fabrics. When did you last see a silk anything at all bigger than a size 18? Rarely. Standard sizes have countless high end options but us? Nah. It’s generally polyester to infinity and beyond.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Beth is back on the fashion scene, doing things her own way and no doubt learning during the process. I’m already looking forward to her next collection and will be cheering her on from my own little studio, fabric shears aloft shouting, LET’S DO THIS.

Beth on the way!

I know I’ve been neglecting you all my little button mushrooms- its not deliberate and I will be back soon I promise. However- I just had to let you all know (if you’re not already aware) that BETH DITTO IS COMING!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about it all! The range is available online in THREE DAYS and hits real life stores on September 23rd. I am chomping at the bit to try this new collection on and am not even sure I can wait three whole days………

Guess What……

The only info I have is this release from Evans….

Beth’s exciting new collection reflects fashion styles from the decades of the last century.  She has spent the past year travelling the World gathering inspiration for this iconic second collection.  In true Ditto style, Beth invites you to step into her fashion wardrobe, where unconventional challenges the norm.  There’s Victorian mixed with 80s punk, through to 40s vintage with a noughties modern edge, all of which create a range of eclectic hybrid designs.

The collection is due to launch in September. As soon as I know more I will of course pass on the deets!

Beth’s exciting new collection reflects fashion styles from the decades of the last century.  She has spent the past year travelling the World gathering inspiration for this iconic second collection.  In true Ditto style, Beth invites you to step into her fashion wardrobe, where unconventional challenges the norm.  There’s Victorian mixed with 80s punk, through to 40s vintage with a noughties modern edge, all of which create a range of eclectic hybrid designs.

Get the Hell Outta Here!

I still can’t get over it. Evans sent me a gift. EVANS SENT ME A GIFT!!!! A HUGE GIFT! I was contacted by someone from Evans who said they had seen the blog and had something to send me to thank me for my support and I was like- wha hey- FAB!. The person never said what it was but I had a prior convo with someone else about a domino scarf pressie so that’s what I thought it was. So when I collected this huge package I was a bit mystified. When I tore open a small section of the packaging to peep at what it was and saw the big circular sequined sections I was like- NO WAY. No way did they send me what I think they sent me- my favourite item from the entire collection. I was dumbfounded and couldn’t even open it further for a few moments. The gift package contained the dress, the domino scarf (it has silver threads running through it which you can’t pic up in the pic), a bottle of Beth Ditto water (she’s branching out!), the latest Gossip CD and a couple of badges.

I can’t even say I’m over the moon because I lapped the moon several times and am now I’m leaping over the entire freakin’ solar system. THE FACE DRESS!!!!! I still can hardly believe it.

A huge great stonking glitter encrusted THANK YOU to Evans for this, you have made my entire summer and I can’t thank you enough.

I will no longer complain about the weather and I’m in fact now looking forward to autumn when it will be cool enough to wear this, so bring on the wind and cold weather cause I’M READY!


Back in Evans- AGAIN

So today I was back there again trying on more clothes and doing more shopping. This time I bought the domino dress and a plain white vest from the Evans main range which I forgot even existed because the only thing I paid any attention to yesterday was the BD range. Can I just say at this point that there are some great items in the main range too. I had a swift look around today and there are some quirky pieces that really compliment the BD range and some other items with a more romantic and feminine feel that would be ideal for lovey dovey warm summer evenings out.

There were three people in store who I assume were from the Evans head office as I heard an assistant mention “a big visit this afternoon”. The people who I assumed were from head office were standing to one side of the BD collection talking about sales figures and whatever else and of course I wanted to eavesdrop but I didn’t. However, one woman came over to me who I think was the area manager and she asked me if I was the woman who was taking photos yesterday. For a split second I thought- oh shit, then as soon as I had that thought I remembered that I did actually ask for permission before I started snapping away on the sales floor because the last thing I wanted to do is get thrown out of the shop where I buy most of my clothes. The assistant I asked went out back to ask a senior staff member and it might have been this lady who gave me the OK.

I wasn’t in trouble, she simply asked me what I thought of the range and I gave her some feedback. But you know what? I really wished I could magic you all up from wherever you all were at about 1.30 GMT this afternoon so you could tell her your thoughts. I told her about what I loved- the domino prints, the crop jacket (I had both in my hands) and the jumpsuit (although I did tell her I wished it was full length) and what I didn’t like- the cape thing. We had a brief discussion about the kitty top where she said they hadn’t sold many in that particular store even though it was in prime position at the front of the store, facing outwards. I can understand that not selling though so I’m not surprised. Ms Manager Lady also asked me several other questions including would want to see more from Beth Ditto after this collection? I wanted to scream the loudest shrillest scream I could muster in response but instead I gave her a firm “definitely,” and “while you’re at it could you please bring back the Georgina Goodman for Evans collection”.

I could have chewed that poor woman’s ear off for an hour but I had to hold back the absolute torrent of thoughts and ideas I have and try not to come across like an over excitable loony. She asked me- “what did you do with the photos, did you show your friends?” I replied, “I put them on the internet” to which she seemed a bit surprised. I never actually mentioned the blog though, I just left it vague. However, I we got our wires crossed because I for some reason thought she also knew about the pics in the fitting room and started talking about how there was a great response to the photos as people were happy to be able to see the garments on a real body rather than just in an online store. She looked at me a bit strangely so now I’ve confirmed to her that I really am a loon. I’m sure she must have figured out about the fitting room pics and I hope Evans don’t mind. Everyone does it don’t they? Plus I did buy stuff too. I’d hate to have another Hogg- gate situation arise.

Enough writing- here are some more photos!

The jacket!!! Before the launch it wasn’t something I had my eye on but now I’ve tried it on I really like it. The biggest they had was a 24 so I squeezed myself into it. I couldn’t do it up but at least you can kinda see how it would fit if it was the correct size. I think its fab!

Horrid. This is the only thing I tried on where I thought- what the fuck? You know how in the press interviews about the range they’ve said that Mama Cass was one of the influences? Well this is Mama Cass from beginning to end and its horrid. Typical fat girl clothing- big and shapeless. I tried on the size 28 and it was too big  but even a smaller size wouldn’t have saved it. Remember the bat like creature from Jeepers Creepers? that’s what I looked like.

This I was unsure of. It looked very big on the hanger so I tried on the size 22/24. The top underneath fit too snug but the purple bit was fine. Its not something I would buy but it wasn’t terrible although I look like a druid with the hood up. The spotty leggings I love- they were a size 28.

I also tried on the other black jacket which I really like although the size 26/28 was too big. I am on the lookout for a new black casual jacket so that could well be it.

PS- I saw another woman in the fitting room trying on the purple sequin weather girls top and she looked stunning. I seem to have left my steel balls at home though today as I was feeling a bit too shy to ask her for a photo, but take it from me- she looked great in it.

PPS- I have just checked out the Young Fat and Fabulous blog and there is an online discount code- evesu94. This will give you £5 off any purchase from the range until July 14th.

It’s Finally Here!!!

Let me tell you I LEAPT out of bed this morning full of the joys of a collection launch and was wearing a huge smile on my face even before I had my jump start coffee. No work today- I booked the day off as I have much more important things to concern myself with other than the routine toil.

I had considered going to London for the launch but after making enquiries I found out that Ms Ditto herself was not going to be making any appearances, plus I figured that my local store might be a bit quieter so stayed in Brum and made my way to the Pavillions, arriving five minutes after opening time.

Kid. Candy Store. You get the picture. Yes I’d already seen the majority of the collection online but the prospect of finally being able to try it on and see it face to face was what got me so excited and I walked in there fit to burst. I was greeted by a lovely bubbly assistant  who was informative and enthusiastically talked to me about the collections influences and was very helpful.

No, I'm not responsible for that top on the floor!

The collection looked even better up close and personal than it does online, looked great instore and would definitely catch your attention if you were walking past. It all seemed to be there minus the domino scarf and the belt though it is entirely possible that they were there but I didn’t see them.

Without wasting much time I loaded up my arms with goodies and hot footed it off to the fitting room.

First up was the cat print tee….

Now I really wasn’t sold on this when I first saw it online but its grown on me. It didn’t excite me but I’ve warmed too it. I would say its a tad to long for my liking as a long sleeved tee, but that’s just my personal preferences talking. Would I wear it? Yes- but shorter. How can I say no to those big tearful  kitty eyes?

Next up- the jumper dress…

This number made my heart race! I love, love, LOVE IT but at £65 its a bit more than I would want to pay at the moment due to me being a brokeass but I’ve entered the competition on so if my stars are in alignment I might be able to win one! Also, I can’t justify buying a jumper dress in the middle of summer when I won’t be able to wear it til September/ October, so while I’m wanting one badly I have to wear my sensible hat and say no. Dammit.

The stained glass dress….

LOVE!!!!! The print is GORGEOUS and it fits well AND there are pockets which is an added bonus. There’s an elasticated section at the back to make the bust fit snugly and the dress comes with detachable straps. The only thing I didn’t like is that the bust area is cut for a much smaller bust than I have so the underbust seam wasn’t under my bust at all it was halfway up my boobs but I’m used to that with any dress cause my hooters are so damn big. You probably wouldn’t notice too much anyhow because of the pattern and it wouldn’t put me off I don’t think as I like the print too much. This dress gets two thumbs up from me.

The domino dress….

A little mirror action going on...

A little mirror action going on...

This also get two thumbs up plus a big toe too because its PERFECT. Its a perfect length for me to wear without having to necessarily wear leggings underneath if I don’t want to and its not made from flimsy fabric. PLUS its fully lined with a plain white stretch fabric throughout the body and sleeves which is a masterstroke because it means it creates a nice smooth line. That must surely have been Beth’s idea because I can’t see Evans coming up with that one on their own. Sorry Evans- but I don’t. The leggings are also cleverly cut to create a nice smooth silhouette with a hiiiiiiiigh double layer waistband that comes right under your boobs. Also, y’know how most leggings have each leg cut from one piece of cloth so that there is no side seam and they look like rectangular blocks? Well these are cut with SHAPE and the legs are constructed from a separate front and black piece like regular trousers so they fit better. PERFECT. I wouldn’t wear the dress and leggings together myself- I just wanted to do like Beth.

While I was in the fitting room I met this lady who was also trying on the domino dress and she looked STUNNING. She looked so good in it that I had to ask her for a photograph. She was unsure whether she should buy it or not but both myself and the sales assistant said it was a surefire winner so hopefully she did. Amid my excitement I forgot to ask for her name so I have no idea who she is. I hope she sees this though and lets me know! (update: this lovely lady found the blog and left a comment. Her name is Sam)

Bored yet? No? Good cause there’s more. I know you’re thinking- crikey, did that woman try on EVERYTHING? Well- pretty close to everything…….

The acid wash skirt! LOVE, pure love. (I really am wearing out that word in this post) Two way zip at the front- adjustable sexiness. The waistband is three quarters ribbed jersey which I didn’t like much, would have preferred it to be solid denim but it won’t put me off buying it.

Not for me at all but I’m sure it will look great on someone with smaller breasteses. There is bustier detailing on the print section but you can’t really tell from the photo.

The jumpsuit- OF COURSE I had to try this on! Waist upwards- love love LOVE. Waist down- not sure. The detailing on the top half is spot on- the banding across the back with the deep V, the button shoulders, the  insert at the neck and the fit- all perfect. I even like the idea of the harem style trouser but I just wish it was full length. I think it looks better on me in this pic than it did while I was parading around the fitting room- maybe I was just too self conscious. I kinda felt like it could do with a belt but I didn’t bring one into the fitting room to try out. I will try this on again I think with the right shoes and a belt because I love it lots and want to make it work. If you buy this, send me a photo!!

Not keen.

The jury is out on this one. I felt a bit like one of the weather girls in it but it looks great on Beth.

So what did I buy? I only bought the domino leggings because I don’t get paid til tomorrow but even then I’ll have to exercise much restraint as I could easily spend loads as there’s so much of it I want- not that I have loads to spend (damn you Evans for dropping this collection when I’m looking for a new job to better finance my fashion dreams!) but you know what I mean.

All in all its a great collection and I hope hope hope that we see a further collaboration between Evans and Beth next season and this isn’t just a one hit wonder.

OH- I almost forgot- check out the competition at website for your chance to win FIVE items among other prizes!

Waving the White Flag

I’ve had enough. I concede defeat, I can fight no more. It was only twelve days ago that I said I would lay off the Beth Ditto for Evans talk until the launch day and I was doing well until this evening when I bought this week’s issues of Look and Grazia. With little over a week to go I should have seen it coming. I know there was recently a press day regarding the line so I should have prepared myself. I didn’t, and now I’m broken.


I saw the pic above and I was like ok- there’s nothing here I’ve not seen before. Technically I’ve not seen the domino leggings before but I knew of their existence so I was like- OK. They are first on my July 9th hitlist so while my pulse elevated I was still OK.

But then I had to go and see this in Look…


Yes there are a couple of other items there that we have not seen before but look at that skirt! I SAID- LOOK AT THAT SKIRT!!!!!!!