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This woman needs her own catagory on this blog because I seem to post something about her every single week. I can’t help it though, shes everywhere and I love her.

Here she is being interviewed at Cue eyeroll at the interviewers “whiffy” comment.



4 Comments on “Beth AGAIN”

  1. noa says:

    keep on writing about Beth! I love her!


  2. christina says:

    i agree w/ noa. its almost impossible to have a fat fashion blog and not have beth on it every other week.

    now every time i see her, i’m hoping that what she’s wearing is from her evans collection lol. i’m dying of anticipation!

    • Deena says:

      Well guess what Christina, I’ve just found out that dress shes wearing in the pic IS from her collection!! I just bought todays newspaper and shes in it!! more pics in ten minutes…….

  3. polianarchy says:

    I am seriously planning on saving enough money to buy every single dress in her line. Maybe accessories & separates, too! Thank you so much for keeping us non-UK folk informed. ❤

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