Fat Girls Grow Stuff Too

Or at least they try to. 

I have a new hobby and its the reason I almost missed going to that concert last week- lettuces. How lame is that? I’m thankful my good sense kicked back in when it did because I’m not ready to become someone who turns down fun evenings out to stay in and play Alan Titchmarsh. Just not ready.  

Some weeks ago BBC Dig Inwere giving away free seeds to people who wanted to start growing their own veg. I love a freebie so despite the fact that I don’t like the vast majority of vegetables I signed up for a seed pack and they arrived about a month ago. I got five packs in total; lollo rossa lettuce, carrots, beetroot, squash and cherry tomatoes. I don’t like beetroot or carrots so I gave those to my dad and some to H (bosom bud who I went to concert with) and set about planting all the others.

The squash and tomatoes are being stubborn and hardheaded and refusing to grow more than a half inch per month so I’m pissed off with them and losing interest fast. Instead, I’m focusing on the lettuces who are being much more receptive to my pathetic ministrations and are showing their appreciation by growing nicely.

I planted 7 seeds in a yoghurt pot on May 17 and this past weekend each of those seeds got their own spacious home in a flowerpot.

As gardening is sterotypically the pursuit of senor citizens I’ve given them all old fashioned names. I’m also taking a cue from royalty and am hoping that if I talk to them (a la Prince Charles) and treat them all as individuals (!) I will be rewarded with big bouncing fluffy lettuces that taste delicious. I’m getting impatient though as its all taking far too long for my liking.

So there you have it- my new hobby.

7 Comments on “Fat Girls Grow Stuff Too”

  1. vorega says:

    wow! love your blog dear.. =)

  2. Haha! I’m only 25 and the bf and I are growing strawberries, tomatoes and lettuces in our garden. Oh, and we have a herb bed! I say think of gardening as the new “exercise du jour!” 🙂

  3. lifestartsnow says:

    omg, i think 20sths somehow feel some inner urge to grow their own veggies…i’m doing the same (strawberries, rucola, chilis, savory, chive)
    and i am totally not a plant person!!! mine don’t have names either. it’s just “ginko tree” and yucca 1 and yucca 2


  4. michelle says:

    I love it you truly made my day!! I think that I will have to find one of those names for baby books to name all of my plants as I have started a relatively large veggie garden in my front yard. I will have to tell everyone that La Grande Dame gardens too. I hope that you update us when you have your first salad. Will it be difficult to eat them once you have named them? Maybe I will think twice about naming mine now that I think of that. Best of luck Michelle

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