Oo- er Missus!

There can’t be many plus sized women out there who have never heard about the art of Ruben Esq, but just in case some of you have just woken from a 100 year sleeping beauty type slumber- heres the lowdown. Ruben loves curves. Lots of curves. Lots of unclothed curves. Lots of unclothed curves with a triple X rating. So if you’re under the age of consent in whatever country you may be reading this blog from, or if you may be offended by cartoon nudity then do not click on this link. Some full frontal images are shown. Ruben Esq is the King of bbw art and has a blog that is bursting at the seams with brilliant illustrations of sexy plus sized women of all descriptions, in a wide range of sensuous scenarios. Its not every man in the world who is only interested in a slender size 8 figure but its sometimes very easy to forget that. Its refreshing and confidence boosting to see a man so openly and beautifully display his love for a plus size figure with these erotically charged pictures. So if you want to see gorgeous, plush representations of tantalising sexiness- click here now– or here for the non nude myspace page.


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