Truly Scrumptious

Recently I received an email from a corset company in Huddersfield, UK inviting me to have a look at their website and was only too keen to do so. Some hear the word corset and automatically think of restrictive women’s undergarments from the Victorian era, some think- 1950’s pin up sexiness. I fall into the latter category. I simply cannot  resist the allure of  retro chic and vintage glam and if I could shop anywhere at all my top drawer would be overflowing with all manner of faux vintage smalls.

So I clicked on the link they sent. True Corset by name, True Corset by nature as their site is full of corsets of varying styles, fabrics and colourways, designed by the brilliantly monikered Paulina de la Passionfruit. The only item I could see clearly listed up to a size 30 were their boleros and the largest standard size listed for corsets was a 36″ waist although they can produce other sizes on request. One of my favourite items from the site is this…..


…as the delicate floral pattern conjures up images in my head of  historical romance heroines which I guess suggests that I might want to get my head out of the clouds and stop daydreaming.

I also really like this….


The corsetry on the site is both playful and sexy and they also carry accessories such as the mini top hat in the pic below which I absolutely love although it isn’t something you could wear everyday- but then again why not? it would certainly turn mundane activities into more glamorous affairs.



8 Comments on “Truly Scrumptious”

  1. Katrin says:

    Ohh, The Corsets look sooo nice, I also love the white with the flower pattern, and just like you I think about romantic and passionate relationships between a beautifull young girl, who was forced to marry by her father and a nice hero who saves her out of the arm from her bad, bad husband xD

  2. Elle Ash says:

    Deena, nice post, I do love corset, when I was slim I used to wear them either as underwear or top lol would be nice to find a plus size corset just for fun!

  3. Hmm very sexy. I`ve always had a thing for corsets and I love the way they cinch the waist. Works really well for nightclub wear. You can dance your heart out without worrying about it all hanging loose.

  4. lifestartsnow says:

    corsets are great for everyone! but honestly, i’m always worried about how to close these things w/o help. you see, in single-land some things can become complicated.


  5. Cassie says:

    you can get that second corset at hips and curves in the larger sizes.

  6. Jessics says:

    What ravishingly beautiful pieces! The light blue and white corset in particular really tickles my fancy – I would wear that in a heartbeat 🙂

    Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday!
    ♥ Jessica

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