Item of the Week 18/01/2017

I’ve never worn a puffa jacket before but if I was going to start now I’d begin with this one. A clean stylish update of a classic. Winter fashion perfected.



Medically and Toddler Approved

See the scarf? I’ve had it for over a year but I only started wearing it a few days ago. I bought it from Primark on a whim but haven’t worn it until recently and I now feel like Merlin. This humble Primark scarf has caused people to stare at me in the street and I have had a great many compliments about it. Yesterday I walked past a girl of about 2 who froze, gawped and pointed and me shouting, “scarf!” . Also yesterday I saw a nurse who said it was lovely to see someone wearing a scarf that isn’t black. Today too, I’ve had several strangers tell me how much they like it. It’s almost as though the end of my scarf has been sprinkling magic happy dust on people as I walk by- they keep telling me it’s made them smile. All this because I was in a rush and grabbed the first scarf I saw in my drawer.


Bust first, a selfie. Toilets at Harvey Nichols BIrmingham.

So in celebration of this medically and toddler approved piece of neckwear I’m running a contest. Do you have a bright scarf that makes you or others smile whenever you wear it? If so, show me! Post it to Instagram and tag it #toddlerapprovedfashion and I will give the best one a 30% discount at against any order. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday. While you’re on Insta, please follow me @fatgirlclothes or my new “official” account @belovedendeavour. Much appreciated and I’m looking forward to seeing your pics!


The rest of the outfit above:

Coat- Thrifted

Hat- Hatman

Jeans- Yours

Bag- Kipling (Which coincidentally is called Deena!)

Boots- Dr Martens (mine are years old but here are some other boots by DM)

Jumper- Yours (bought last year but here’s a link to another sparkly jumper they do)



Brrrrr, its freezing out!

Yes the temperature has certainly dropped and its officially “bundle up” weather. It’s much too cold for flimsy cotton skirts so how about some wool ones instead?

Skirts Page copy55

Knit One Purl One

All my life I have thought that knitted dressed weren’t for me. I always figured I was too fat to wear something that would potentially cling to my every lump, bump and ripple that I have never even as much as tried one on. Until today. I tried on two in fact and instantly fell in love with both of them. They are both from Monsoon and if you, like me, have always kept well away from them, go to your nearest Monsoon ASAP and embrace the woolly goodness.

PS- If you go to the Pavillions Branch in Birmingham please don’t buy both size 22’s- leave one for me. Thanks 🙂

Up to size 22. £65.00

Available in black and navy up to size 22. £65.00

Up to size 22. £60.00

Up to size 22. £60.00

Up to size 22. £60.00

Up to size 22. £60.00 (And yes, I do realise this is a cardi not a dress but I fell in love with this too)