On the telly again?


Can you believe I’m on TV again? No neither can I. I don’t think my consitution can take much more of this. It’s a whole lot of fun but it really doesn’t come naturally. I’m so aware of the camera but I hope it doesn’t show. As expected, I thought of 101 things to say once we stopped filming. I wish my brain would stop working in reverse. If you are in the UK and want to hear me ramble on for a few minutes about fashion, tune into a show called “The Week with Carl Jones” on Big Centre TV- Freeview 8, Virgin 159. Programme airs tonight at 7.30pm and Saturday at 10am. You can also catch it online.  If you see it let me know what you think!

On the Telly!

I am SO not made for TV. My piece on Cuppa TV/ Big Centre TV was aired today and I deliberately avoided the 10am showing as I just could not face it. I half watched and half heard the 4.30 airing through closed eyes and fingers in my ears. My voice sounds SO STRANGE that I may never speak again. Its very rare that I hear a recording of my voice and its barely recogniseable. If you missed it you can watch it here though it may not play outside the UK. If you are outside the UK and the link works please let me know!


My Big Fat Pile of Trash

TV in January always has the usual run of weight loss programmes, count down to summer bikini diets and the like, but this year the television bosses have really outdone themselves with last nights fare, “My Big Fat Diet” featuring Claire Sweeney. For those of you that missed it Claire Sweeney (TV presenter/ former soap star) put aside her usual healthy eating plan for six weeks and ate whatever she liked instead- cue chips, burgers, cakes, full fat milk etc and we watched her poke and prod her expanding body as she piled on the pounds, 28 of them in all over six weeks. As she got bigger we saw her try and fail to squeeze herself into one of her favourite dresses, tell us that she felt like the Michelin man and go to a cosmetic surgeon in LA so they could tell her how fat she was and explain the procedures they could perform on her in order to help make her “Hollywood skinny”.

I was amused. I was amused by the absolute pointless tosh I was watching and I was amused by my own inability to permanently change the channel. I was mesmerised by the drivel and even though I was also watching “Celebrity Big Brother” on another channel (I was having a trash TV- a- thon) I kept flicking back to see what daft direction the show was going to go in next. It was billed as a project to show the effect of an unhealthy diet on the body which it did in the most simplistic and effortless way possible. While I agree that a constant diet of burger and chips isn’t a grand idea for anyone, I don’t think that message was this shows main achievement. Its main achievement was to fill a slot in a television schedule and provide airtime for a celebrity. I have nothing against Claire Sweeney herself, I just think the programme was crap. If ITV were really interested in educating people on the negative aspects of a bad diet they would have created something with a lot more substance and a lot less froth.