Item of the Week 08/09/2016

I just cannot explain the joy this coat gives me. I have no words.


£169.99, Manon Baptiste at Navabi


Geometric deja vu

One of my all time favourite designer brands is Dutch label, Spijkers en Spijkers who have a long standing love affair with all things geometric, and seem to design every collection with me in mind. Their simple but striking detailing sings to my soul so much so that I check out their archives regularly to oooo and ahhh over what I could wear if I was ten sizes smaller and several zeros richer. I think I know every collection they’ve ever launched, inside out.

So while browsing the Navabi website today there were a few pieces by Mat that jumped out at me as they reminded me of previous Spjikers en Spijkers ranges that I’ve seen over the years…..

SpijkersIt appears my geometric loving clean cut, bold shapes time has come. And about time too.

Spijkers en Spijkers images from

Mat images from

The French Enigma

Considering how easy it is to access information these days, trying to find out about the people behind the exclusive Manon Baptiste line from Navabi is darn well difficult. No website, no You Tube clips, no interviews, no nuffink. Still, I suppose a little mystery is a refreshing change in an age where everyone knows everything about everybody. What I do know is that every season there’s something in the collection to make me want to hit “add to basket” repeatedly so I can wear the same outfit every day for the rest of the month without smelling like I’ve done just that. Manon, I love you.MAN

Item of the week 20/02/2012

Blue Dress Too

Manon Baptiste at Navabi, £128.90

Oh how I want thee.

Vote for Me!

Navabi is hosting a contest to find the best plus size fashion blog and I’m in the running for the grand prize of a trip to London Fashion Week in February. I’m number 259 (who knew there were almost 300 plus size blogs out there?!) in the list. All you have to do is point and click and your vote is cast. No signing up for newsletters or mailing lists or anything- simple! Click the image below to go straight there! Purllllllllllllllllllleeeese!

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2012
navabi Fashion Blog

Visual Bliss

I first saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in Selfridges a few weeks ago and caught myself letting out a very audible, euphoric groan. I may even have closed my eyes momentarily. Visual bliss.

£220, Marc by Marc Jacobs at Net a Porter

A clean simple silhouette with geometric colourblock inserts. It has my name pencilled all over it.

I’ve just found this on the Navabi site,

£116.90, Manon Baptiste at Navabi

Clean simple silhouette with geometric colourblock inserts. AND in my size. It has my name inked all over it.

The similarities to the Marc by Marc Jacobs version can’t be denied and I kinda wish that Manon Baptiste had changed more on it to make it even BETTER, not just created a carbon copy. I do wish the plus size version was still a dress, not a top. I’d still wear it til it was threadbare anyhow. What do you think?