Two Toning it up

dddddEver since I saw that Valentino dress on the catwalk  I’ve been smitten. Everyone knows I love colour, but what I love even more than colour in general is a graphic print in any hue. I’ve been looking all over for something similarly striking in size fat but the closest thing I’ve found is the dress above which is from Yours Clothing. I tried it on in a size 28, it fit and its comfy, but its about 2, 3 inches shorter than I would like and sits above the knee but you can’t tell that from the photo above. However, its still a great dress. I’ve found some other dresses in quirky black and white prints that I’ve listed below but if you find anything else, please drop in a link in the comments!

Modcloth, $89.99

Modcloth, $89.99

Modcloth. $139.99

Modcloth. $139.99

Navabi, £138.90

Isolde Roth at Navabi, £138.90

Manon Baptiste at Navabi, £66.90

Manon Baptiste at Navabi, £66.90

Item of the Week 20/11/2014


£39.50 Marks & Spencer. Size 8- 22

Anna is Ready

NooooooOOooooOOoooooooooo!!!! I’m having too good a summer to be thinking about autumn winter fashion. NOT NOW PLEASE. The sun is blazing, the shades are on, the sandals are in daily use- I’M NOT READY.

Anna is though. Anna is ready and raring to go with the White collection launching this week. Luxurious fabrics, sultry looks and beautiful prints- everything you expect from an Anna Scholz collection plus a new print that incorporates Anna’s own fingerprint. Now that’s what you call a signature feature. See below for preview images from the campaign- if you can stand it in this weather.

anna2 anna4 anna5 Anna1 anna3


Swingin’ Sixties

mAGIC nUMBER2New shop items- lots more to come- 60’s, 70’s, 80’s- variety of sizes. Go here now!

Blue Deja-Vu

I’ve been a regular thrifter for around twenty years and while I’ve on occasion seen clothes that remind me of something I may have owned as a youngster, I’ve never until now seen something identical. I spotted this dress in a charity shop and I immediately grabbed it from the rail in instant recognition.

blue deja1I wore this!

blue5I was around 13 in this photo and seeing that dress brought back a lot of memories. I’m pictured with my mom and we wore very similar clothes, not because I loved dressing like my mother, but because it was damn near impossible to find age appropriate size 16 clothes for young teenagers. Finding casual clothing wasn’t too bad but when it came to dressing for church or weddings (as in this photo) the dress code was definitely “middle aged”. While most teens were shopping in Chelsea Girl, Miss Selfridge and H&M, all my garb came from C&A- and I don’t mean the younger Clockhouse line. At thirteen I had some of the same clothes as my mom and my aunt, which really was a sorry state of affairs.

Maybe that’s why I love 80’s vintage dresses so much now? They weren’t age appropriate at the time but as I’m pretty much middle aged now they actually suit me. Am I really admitting to everyone that I just have not moved on? Yup, I think I am. I may be stagnant and stuck in a style timewarp, but plus size fashion has thankfully come a very long way and now teens can dress like teens- not their aunts. Shame the dress is only a size 16- I would have given it another spin. Dress available here.

Big Living

Does Vintage Life magazine usually feature plus size fashion or is this a one off? I glance through it on occasion but have never actually bought a copy until today, owing to the “Plus Size Fashion” heading on the cover. The May issue includes a feature on fellow plus size blogger Betty Pamper, and also several pages on plus size vintage clothing with a fifties spin. There are also tips for dressing a larger figure. The magazine in general is an interesting read and has opened my eyes to some festivals and boutiques I’ve never heard of. All in all, a good read for any vintage lover.

vin1 vin2 vin3 vin4

That Bucket woman- A Bonmarche Review

I’m not very good at taking my own advice. I get a fair few number of emails from readers asking me where to shop for clothes and I always tell them not to rule out any stores because you never know what you may find, even if you only find one gem in five years- still keep going in.

One shop I never go into is Bonmarche. It’s my mother’s favourite clothing store. My mother is 82. I am not. My mother used to be a C&A fanatic but since they closed down all British stores some years ago, Bonmarche has taken up the gauntlet and she gets all her embroidered tshirts and microfibre jackets from there. They would never have anything suitable for a bright not-so-young- thing like me. Or so I thought.

I was recently contacted by Bonmarche to review an item and my first thought was “Yehright” but before I hit send on the “yehright” email I thought I’d check out the site. Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised. Not knocked off my seat by the edgy fashion forward styles, more raised eyebrows that there were items there I would actually wear. Like this dress…

 Mrs Bucket1

Mrs Bucket4

…from their David Emanuel range. I’m trying to stay away from mock wrap front dresses but they work so well for the big of boob that they’re hard to stay away from. I wore this today and might even have gotten away with not wearing a vest underneath if I wasn’t on my way to church and trying to exercise a little modesty. A comfy dress in a great length and fab print. My only complaint is that a longer peplum would have given the dress a better, more on trend silhouette and maybe balanced out my big boobs a little more, but I’m very pleased with it and will be wearing this frock until its threadbare.

PS- I must remember to remove the bucket from my photo spot. No-one wants to see that. Apologies.

The Fabric Utilisation Scheme

Fabric is taking  over the house.


fabric2 fabric3

And that’s just a small sample of the metre after metre of print, pattern and plain fabric that is stashed in every available corner. There’s a box of fabric beside my bed that I use as a nightstand, a box in the spare room, a box on the wardrobe in the spare room- its bloomin’ everywhere.

So. I’m having a clear out. But I’m not throwing it all out, I’m having a mass sewing frenzy and making item after item, dress after dress, skirt after skirt until my fingers bleed. Or I utilise all the stock- whichever happens first.

I’ll be making things in various sizes and selling them in my Etsy shop. In fact- I’ve already started..




Fabrics are limited so there will only be one, maybe two of most items unless I happen to have an entire roll of something- which is rare. Items I’m modelling are worn for the length of time it takes to take a photograph. All items are brand spanking new and made with my own hands. Any questions- ask!

Beloved Endavour- Etsy

Modern Vintage

Ebay is addictive and I spend many an evening ‘bayed up to the eyeballs adding item after item to my endless watch list. During my last trawl I came across these dresses in an Ebay shop called Marnie’s Curvy Girl’s Clothes and fell for them hook line and sinker. I am disappointed I have no weddings or posh do’s to attend so far this year as I would most surely be wearing one of these frocks. There is also a website if for any reason you don’t want to use Ebay. The dresses above are all under £40 so they are easy on the purse and are available up to a size 28. Measurements are given for each size so there should be no inconvenient surprises. I want one. I can see I’m going to have to find a party to gatecrash.




New Anna Scholz Collection


I’ve been checking the Anna Scholz website frequently, patiently waiting for the new collection to drop and now, its finally online. I’ve had a good ole look at it and there are lots of beautifully covetable dresses and some great jackets and coats. The range is a riot of colour with a variety of colourful prints that we have come to expect from Anna and she certainly delivers. I think there are probably too many different prints and its all a bit dizzying, but that just means there is surely a print in the range to suit everyone. If prints aren’t your thing there are a few solid colour garments including an elegant empire line black and ivory maxi dress and solid colour vests.

I like the styling of the look book and especially like the orangey pinky floral tights in the picture above but  I don’t think they’re part of the Anna Scholz collection although they should be because I’d snap them up immediately. All in all I like the collection a lot but I just wish I had a rockstar budget.