As a blogger I’ve done many a review for many a brand and been sent countless items to trial, but nothing can compare to the joy I feel when I see other bloggers wearing my clothes! Here is Hanna from Hanna Wears showing us exactly how she wears the Darlene dress from Beloved Endeavour. I’m LOVING the monochrome styling and that neck tie. Hanna, you look GREAT! You can read her post here.




Blogger Spotlight

Over the weekend I made a point of spending an afternoon catching up with various blogs as I don’t get to do that as often as I would like. During this time I discovered a new blogger, not someone new to blogging as she’s been doing so since 2010, but certainly new to me and I just had to highlight her on here in case she’s new to some of you too. Her name is Kiah and she has style in abundance. I trawled through every single one of her posts in one sitting and ooo-ed and aaahh-ed my way through her imaginative use of colour and pattern, and her fantastic collection of vintage dresses. Kiah describes herself as a “Jesus freak” and her blog is also laced with inspirational words and biblical quotes which sets her apart from most fashion bloggers. From the Rez to the City is definitely going on my blog roll. Go there now!

From the Rez to the City

Plus London!

Me oh me oh my, what a total WHIRLWIND of a weekend its been. I can hardly believe I’m sitting here on a Monday night, wondering what to wear to work on Tuesday- where have the days gone? Those of you who attended the Plus London event I’m sure would agree that it was a great day. It was a pleasantly weird experience to meet bloggers who I’ve been following for months or years and actually seeing them in moving, walking, talking, glorious 3D technicolour. It was as though my computer had come to life. While I was walking around talking to everyone I kept thinking of that scene in the film, Mannequin where the dummy in the shop window suddenly starts to move- that’s what it felt like.

I tried to talk to as many people as possible and I think I might have babbled on to some of you like a crazed woman, if you are one such victim- apologies, I’m not usually that maniacal. It was great meeting all of you and if I didn’t get to speak to you don’t hold it against me- I’m a nice person really. Between the shopping, champagne sipping, clothes trying on, cake eating and general hob nobbing I managed to take some photos- here they are!

An extra big hello! and thank you! to Gaelle (http://www.lespitreriesdevanoue.com) and Katie (http://curvykatie.wordpress.com) for letting me room with them. What a total and utter hoot!


I am total rubbish and cannot remember the names of everyones blogs, so if you’re in a photo feel free to post a link in the comments.

I must also comment on the fact that I didn’t see a single double outfit clanger, not that I would have minded if someone had turned up in the same outfit as me- nope. I would have just taken a photo with them striking some goofy kind of mirror image pose because thats the kind of loon I am. It just goes to show that despite limited clothing choices we really are a resourceful and stylish bunch.


As a follow-up to the event, those kind folks at Anna Scholz are offering all of you delicious blog readers a 10% discount on all purchases from the new Spring/ Summer 2011 collection AND sale items for the rest of February. Just enter the code PLUSLONDON in the voucher code box at the checkout and Bob’s your uncle.