Playtime Never Ends


Its been a while since I wrote an OOTD post, only because I’ve not bought much new clothing of late. However, this week’s purchase merits an OOTD revival. It’s not about the jacket, the dress or the shoes as they are all pieces that have been featured on here before. This outfit is all about the bag.


With the emergence of adult colouring books, flat t- bar shoes and a café where you can sample an endless variety of sugary cereals, it seems like there are many of us who reminisce about the days when our lives were  all about writing in pencil, Knock Down Ginger and Saturday morning cartoons. The appearance of Play Purse onto the accessories market is right on cue.


I cannot tell you the number of miniature pocket-money purses like this I had as a child. Each starting out with an abundance of  multi-coloured beads, and ending their lives picked bald and cast aside. To see this in adult size brings back many happy memories. Old school style in a big girl size. It even comes with extra beads in case I want to go the whole hog and relive the bead picking experience, but with a big girl price tag I doubt it.


Brightly Patterned Goodies

Dionne GoodingA few weeks back I posted about Demestiks New York who create great pieces using vibrant African prints that I fell in love with instantly . If African fabrics are a little too bright and attention grabbing for you to wear as clothing, how about in smaller doses in the way of accessories?

Dionne Gooding is an accessories designer who specialises in shoes and bags, utilising a variety of different types of fabrics including wax prints (Ankara), and  Kente (woven  designs) in her work. These bright pieces when teamed with plain colours would really make an outfit “pop” and I have my eye on a few items myself, particularly the clutch bags- and who doesn’t like a superbly distinctive clutch? Sign me up for just about all of them.


Hamming it up

I don’t eat pork, but even I wouldn’t hesitate to walk around proudly with this comical “hambag”, as created by The Rodnik Band. The Rodnik Band isn’t an actual band as the name suggests, but rather a designer who fuses music, fashion and art influences to create whimsical pieces such as these below.

ham bag

Prices start from £249 at Not Just a Label, so while definitely not cheap, the bags are a good size and lets face it, they’re so unique I can’t really see anyone getting sick of them and handing them over to Oxfam anytime soon.

ham bag2

ham bag3

Adventures in Fattyland

Had a quick trying on session in Evans (Fattyland) yesterday evening. I was in store for what seemed like hours and all I bought was some underwear. It was extremely busy with all the staff scuttling around preparing for the sale which I think starts today.

Love it!!! I’m wearing the size 26- fits fine. Couldn’t buy it at the time but I’m def going back for it.

Size 28- a little too big.

I saw this on the website and immediately loved the print. I had dreams of wearing it with the pale bleach wash jeans from Evans but they are no longer on the website and I can’t see them in store anymore. DRAT. The obvious choice would be to style a satin top with something smart for an evening out but I wanted to dress it down a lot and make it look more rugged- like this:


Cardigan- £15 New Look, Satin top £35- Evans, Jeans £35 Dorothy Perkins, Aqua gladiators £40, Office, Collage Slogan Bag by Diesel £40 (sale price) Marshall Ward.

Now that I’ve tried it on its a bit longer than I thought it was and also more off the shoulder-y than it looked online so won’t work as well with my styling plan.

What does work for me though is the bag. SWOON! I’ve been eyeing it up in Selfridges so much for the past few weeks that I’m sure the security team are monitoring me. Its also available in in a black/ grey colourway but what I’m really lusting over and getting all excited about is the red/purple colourway. It MUST be mine. I need a new work bag and this has to be it! The only thing making me a bit hesitant about buying it is the fact that its lined with black fabric. I never buy black work bags because a) I think they’re boring b)I can never locate things inside it easily. When you have a big black bag and are trying to find something at the bottom its like looking into the abyss and it just frustrates me further when I’m searching for something that I just can’t find. Also, there are no compartments in it apart from a small zippered section which is big enough to contain a tight selection of things but the main section is just one big vortex. My phone has a black case and if that goes inside it I’d never see it again. Even though I am put off by the black lining the superfab exterior makes up for it so I may just have to get it. Also, its gone down in the sale now so that’s the extra incentive I need.

ooOoooOo I love you, come to momma........Image from

ooOoooOo I love you, come to momma........Image from

Image from

Definitely not boring. Image from

Homicidal Handbags

Angela Lansbury chic spotted online today, courtesy of I can definitely see me carrying “the logo” this summer.

Even Columbo approves.

Murder She Tote

Which One Are You?

So when you finally crumble under the unbearable weight of acid wash denim pressure and can’t resist no longer,  (I’m talking to you MightayMightay!), when you finally try on an acid wash piece and realise how good you look in it, how are you going to style it? how will you wear it? Will you be taking it back to the old skool and pairing your new AWJ’s with glorious brights or keeping the palette modern with a neutral palette? Ooo, decisions, decisions…..

Clockwise from top left: White Bootie £350- Georgina Goodman, Earrings $4.80 Forever 21, Tote £307 Vivienne Westwood at Urban Outfitters, Bangle £15 Freedom, Shoes £28- Topshop, Tote £69- DKNY at House of Fraser, Necklace £10- Topshop.


Bottom picture clockwise from top left: Tote £35- Wallis, Sandals £40 Rocketdog at Shoe Tailor, Ring £6- Miss Selfridge, Tote £35- Oasis, Bangle £10- Evans, Shoe Boots $119 Nine West, Earrings £7- Dorothy Perkins, Necklace £12 -French Connection.

Continuing Yesterday’s Bag Theme Pt 3 (More Novelty Bags Than You Can Shake a Stick At)

Three posts in one day- I really am spoiling you! For the final instalment in the novelty bag trilogy I would like to draw your attention to the Flickr photostream of MagicSparkleBean. MSB’s photo collection showcases a fabulous array of novelty bags, purses and lunchboxes all from her extensive collection that make me swoon. Her love of bags exceeds even my own appreciation because while I love novelty bags I don’t really own many. MSB owns PLENTY. My favourite is the Wizard of Oz  pail and d’ya know she even has the matching shoes. Every day would be halloween if I was in possession of both of these things (I’ve been looking for a pair of red sparkly shoes that are just right for a while) because I would surely dress up like Dorothy every day. I’m serious, I would. I might not leave the house but those ruby slippers would be on my feet to do the washing up, the vacuuming, to watch tv….. Oh the fantasy.

Hold up, wait a minute. I lied. The yellow pail is my second favourite. First place favourite must SURELY go to the black vintage style bag/ phone that comes complete with a phone jack that you can PLUG IN AND USE!!! OMG! The ultimate mobile phone! I would swap all my shoes and my favourite coat for that one bag. Where did she find it? I don’t know but I would love to find out.