Anna is Ready

NooooooOOooooOOoooooooooo!!!! I’m having too good a summer to be thinking about autumn winter fashion. NOT NOW PLEASE. The sun is blazing, the shades are on, the sandals are in daily use- I’M NOT READY.

Anna is though. Anna is ready and raring to go with the White collection launching this week. Luxurious fabrics, sultry looks and beautiful prints- everything you expect from an Anna Scholz collection plus a new print that incorporates Anna’s own fingerprint. Now that’s what you call a signature feature. See below for preview images from the campaign- if you can stand it in this weather.

anna2 anna4 anna5 Anna1 anna3


Anna Scholz Black Label 2013

The Anna Scholzl Black Label collection is one of the ranges that I look forward to each season.  I like the classically Anna Scholz print dresses from the White Label collection, but love the edgier vibe that the Black Label emits.

This season the look of the label is quite solemn and sober but with a military feel, and just enough magenta to crack a smile onto the face of a very serious colour palette.


AA115Houndstooth AA139-Khaki- AA134Black AA128Black+AA105Black AA143-Leopard

I LOVE that magenta skirt, it has my name all over it.

And while we’re on the subject of Anna Scholz, I’ve got to show you my favourite piece from the White Label Collection-

AA10-Cube-Lumo white


Typical me really. Graphic print, bright colours- whats not to love?!?!

The Black Label Collection will be available online later this week.

Bargains Galore!


Item of the week 18/ 03/2012

You have to view it close up to really appreciate the detailing on this gem.

Item of the week 24/09/11

Item of the week- 19/07/10

The weathers gone slightly crap again but I’m sure there’s enough sunshine left to be wrung out of the season to make this bobby dazzler look all the more- well- dazzling. Its bright, its bold, its beautiful and unfortunately it’s also £266. My ginger ale salary won’t afford me this champagne delight but its good to dream in technicolour.

Anna Scholz, £266

New Collections at Anna Scholz

Oh me oh me oh my, yet ANOTHER new range has hit the streets! Life just get better and better…… Anna Scholz has launched TWO new collections for spring/ summer; her established main line which is now known as The White Label Collection and a brand spanking new younger line, The Black Label Collection.

The White Label Collection is premium Anna Scholz with her signature tropical prints, maxi dresses and tunics with embellished necklines, while  The Black Label Collection sees the designer move into fresher territory with more contemporary looks that showcase quirkier prints, nautical and military detailing and updated basics. The collection is younger and prices are lower than the main range though still for the moderately well heeled. I’ve had a good look at it and as much as I always like the bright florals of the premium line, this range is speaking fluent Deena-ese as I’m a fool for an unusual print like the horse print jersey, and I am all over that spectacular polkadot coat. I’ll leave you to peruse this collage while I go look for a sledgehammer to crack open the piggy bank.

All images from Anna


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