Purple Marmite

Well its been 24hrs since last night’s Golden Globes ceremony and the internet is abuzz with  Meryl vs Resident Chump, Hidden Fences and Tracee Ellis Ross. It seems the main chatter amongst the fatosphere though was this dress worn by Chrissy Metz.



Images from Gettyimages.co.uk

From the posts that I read on the Garner Style Facebook page the majority of commenters hated it and felt her stylist should be fired/ run out of town. My opinion? I liked all of it apart from the shoulders. I love the colour and you probably already know that velvet is my favourite fabric so of course I like that too. I think the drape of the dress is exquisite and I love the gathers and detailing at the front but the shoulders…. man the shoulder action just let the whole thing down in my humble opinion. Are those actually shoulder pads? Are we back there again? Maybe Chrissy is single-handedly going to bring them back to the fashion fore. She could become the next Balmain muse as they love a pronounced shoulder. Maybe not as we also know high-end designers don’t dress fat people.

Still, I’m pretty much through with begging people to make clothes in my size. I’ll just take my custom to someone who is interested in bigger bodies and stop wasting my breath and bandwidth. On that note, come through Nathan Paul! I’m off to find out more about the man who designed the much talked about frock.


4 Comments on “Purple Marmite”

  1. buttercuprocks1 says:

    I love the colour but thought it looked a bit cheap in that it looks like polyester stretch velvet rather than the real deal. (Not that I have anything against poly stretch velvet in my own wardrobe but for a bit whoopy-do occasion like that I’d want to be wearing the real deal. I much preferred the red Christian Siriano she almost wore though the neckline on this suits her better. The other Siriano frock was horrific. I could see what he was going for and I LOVE that he’s the only high profile designer who actively loves dressing fat ladies but I don’t think it fitted her all that well. Oooh, I’m picky!

    • Deena says:

      I thought it looked like poly velvet too rather than a silk/viscose blend which is a shame. You dont want to scrimp on a red carpet event. I forgot to mention the Christian Siriano ones- the green was horriffic and I’m glad she didn’t wear it. Like you said tho- he isn’t running away from the challenge of dressing a plus body unlike too many designers out there.

  2. olderplusfashionlover says:

    Didn’t like the shoulders either

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